Simon Kinny-Lewis – Another Day in San Jose | Album Review

Simon Kinny-Lewis – Another Day in San Jose

Self-Produced/SKL Music

CD: 10 Songs, 44 Minutes

Styles: Guitar Monster Blues, Blues Covers, Contemporary Electric Blues Rock

Another Day in San Jose, the seventh release from acclaimed Australian blues rocker Simon Kinny-Lewis, presents a dilemma. If you’re a guitar monster, what’s a better medium for showing off your fabulous fretwork – covers or original songs? Kinny-Lewis is so skilled on his Strat that the answer’s a toss-up. This rip-roaring electric extravaganza features four fresh compositions and six covers, running the gamut from Willie Dixon’s “I Just Want to Make Love” to John Mayall’s “Black Cat Moan” to Chris Cain’s “Trouble Making Woman.” Haven’t heard those last two in a while? They’re consummate highlights, especially the chill-inducing bass intro on Cain’s tune. It sounds like it should be in a blues-themed supernatural drama a la Crossroads. It’s frighteningly good. As for Simon’s originals, “Dagger Eyes” will hit you right between yours, and the sizzling stomp “Devil on my Trail” will heat up your immediate surroundings faster than any thermostat. If any flaws are to be found on this album, they’re artfully concealed amid riveting riffs.

Kinny-Lewis is no rookie re: blues-rock fame. He’s performed/recorded with blues icons: Chris Cain, Nate Ginsberg (Herbie Hancock), Christian Howes (Robben Ford), Simeon Cain (Henry Rollins Band) and many more.  Robben Ford himself guest-stars on guitar for “Dagger Eyes,” and Nate Ginsberg plays keyboards throughout these ten tight tracks. Joining them are Andy Just on harmonica, DeWayne Pate on bass, Tony Boyd on drums, and Walter Jebe on slide guitar. Our front man belts out powerhouse vocals with a touch of Joe Bonamassa’s flair, and as for his prowess on shredder? It’s second to none in the land down under.

This is music to dance to, to drink to, to get lost in. It’s all about atmosphere and amplitude. Never mind the lyrics: Simon’s guitar does 99% of the talking, and it’s a brilliant orator. If you’re searching for tunes as crisp and cold as gunmetal, look no further than Kinny-Lewis’ latest!

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