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VOTE NOW in the 2014 Blues Blast Awards

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Voting is open until September 15th.  Click HERE to vote now! To listen to music by the nominees before you vote click HERE You may only vote once!


Christy Rossiter and 112 North Duck – Stand Up and Raise Some Hell | Album Review

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Christy Rossiter and 112 North Duck - Stand Up and Raise Some Hell  CD: 11 songs; 40:28 Minutes Styles: Contemporary Rock-and-Roll and Blues Rock “O beautiful for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain, for purple


The Juke Hounds – Bluesitude

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The Juke Hounds – Bluesitude Self release 10 songs – 37 minutes Bluesitude is the second album from Ohio-based blues-rockers, The Juke Hounds, following on from 2012’s Low Man On The Totem Pole. Originally formed


Mick Kolassa – Michissippi Mick | Album Review

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Mick Kolassa - Michissippi MickSwing Suit Records 2014 12 tracks; 49 minutes Mick Kolassa is a veteran blues fan and a board member of the Blues Foundation, based in Memphis.  He is therefore well placed to


Daunielle – Daunielle | Album Review

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Daunielle - Daunielle  Catfood Records 10 tracks / 41:18 It is easy to forget that artists with amazing debut albums have done a lot of work earlier in their careers to get to the point


Joel Johnson – Blues Joose Volume II | Album Review

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Joel Johnson – Blues Joose Volume II 11 songs – 55 minutes Self-produced CD The blues community has been blessed in the past decade or so with the emergence of major talents from northern frontiers,


Sid Selvidge – The Cold Of The Morning | Album Review

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Sid Selvidge - The Cold Of The Morning  Omnivore Recordings 18 songs – 50 minutes The history of popular music is littered with “lost” recordings of great artists. When they do resurface, sometimes they add further


Deb Ryder – Might Just Get Lucky | Album review

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Deb Ryder - Might Just Get Lucky Self Release Having been raised in Chicago and moving to Los Angeles at an early age with her family gave her an introduction to blues music. Bob “The Bear”


Johnny Drummer – Bad Attitude | Album Review

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Johnny Drummer – Bad Attitude Earwig 2013  13 tracks; 64 minutes  Thessex Johns chose an interesting stage name in Johnny Drummer as drums is one of the instruments he does not play!  However, with some


Steve Dawson – Rattlesnake Cage | Album Review

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Steve Dawson - Rattlesnake Cage Black Hen Music 11 tracks / 41:31 Canada has produced scores of righteous musical acts over the years, and it certainly helps that artists can get help from their government


Issue 8-29 July 17, 2014

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  Cover photos by Marilyn Stringer © 2014    In This Issue Tee Watts has our feature interview with The Holmes Brothers. Marilyn Stringer has photos from Blues From The Top Festival We have 10 reviews