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Blues Blast Publishing Presents …… Blues In Modern Days – 31 Artists In Their Own Words

Oct 17, 2014Comments off

Blues Blast Publishing presents…. Senior Blues Blast Writer Terry Mullins’ debut book! Featuring the stories of 31 modern blues masters including: Jody Williams, Billy Boy Arnold, Sugar Pie Desanto, Matt ‘Guitar’ Murphy, James Cotton, Lonnie Brooks, Ronnie Baker


Rie “Lee” Kanehira – The Union Meetin’ | Album Review

Nov 23, 2014Comments off

Rie “Lee” Kanehira – The Union Meetin’ Waggy Murphy’s Records, Japan – 2014 13 tracks; 53 minutes Rie “Lee” Kanehira is a young Japanese pianist who fell in love with the blues after completing a


Jim Liban With The Joel Paterson Trio – I Say What I Mean | Album Review

Nov 22, 2014Comments off

Jim Liban With The Joel Paterson Trio – I Say What I Mean Ventrella Records – 2014 14 tracks; 49 minutes Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based, Jim Liban has been playing blues harp for a long time, was part


A Blues Tribute To Creedence Clearwater Revival

Nov 21, 2014Comments off

A Blues Tribute To Creedence Clearwater Revival Cleopatra Records 12 songs time-44:49 Although billed as a blues tribute CD as well as featuring some established blues artists, there is very little blues music in this


Issue 8-47 November 20, 2014

Nov 20, 2014Comments off

Cover photo by Gary Eckhart © 2014  In This Issue  Terry Mullins has our feature interview with Blues Blast Music Award nominee, Norman Taylor. We have 6 music reviews for you including new music from Jim


Hurricane Ruth – Born On The River | Album Review

Nov 19, 2014Comments off

Hurricane Ruth - Born On The River Self-Release – 2014 11 tracks; 58 minutes From Beardstown, Illinois, Hurricane Ruth offers us a generously filled album of original blues rock material.  The band consists of Hurricane Ruth


The Mighty Soul Drivers – Qualified! | Album Review

Nov 19, 2014Comments off

The Mighty Soul Drivers - Qualified! Hog Heaven Records  CD: 14 Songs; 55:43 Minutes Styles: Soul Covers, Soul-Influenced Blues What makes musicians Qualified! to play blues and soul? On one level, all that’s required is basic desire: Pick


Sam-One – Bad Boy of the Blues| Album Review

Nov 18, 2014Comments off

Sam-One - Bad Boy of the Blues Self Release 8 tracks / 37:51 For every big-name blues artist with a record deal there are thousands of blues bands out there, playing their own style of music


The Ernie Peniston Band – Live At The Muddy Waters | Album review

Nov 17, 2014Comments off

The Ernie Peniston Band - Live At The Muddy Waters Self-release 11 songs – 62 minutes In 2010, after more than 40 years in the music business, including four years as the lead singer of Blind


The Alexis P. Suter Band – Love The Way You Roll | Album Review

Nov 16, 2014Comments off

The Alexis P. Suter Band - Love The Way You Roll American Showplace Music 12 songs – 47 minutes The Alexis P Suter Band is a five piece ensemble fronted by the eponymous Ms Suter. With


JP Soars – Full Moon Night In Memphis | Album Review

Nov 15, 2014Comments off

JP Soars – Full Moon Night In Memphis Soars High Productions – 2014 14 tracks; 57 minutes  Former IBC winner JP Soars returns with his third solo CD and it maintains the standard of his