Vin Mott – Rouge Hunter | Album Review

Vin Mott – Rouge Hunter

self release

12 songs time-42:55

Lo and behold what emerges from the depths of The New Jersey Delta, but an original bluesman steeped in the authentic blues tradition. Vin Mott and his band bring a blues sound rooted in the past, but that speaks of the present. Vin wrote and arranged all the songs found here. You can hear snippets of guitar and harmonica that sound like they were delivered by the ghosts of blues masters of the past. Vin’s hearty voice combine with his harmonica skills to create something fresh and vital. Guitarist Dean Shot is right on the money when playing regular or slide guitar. Drummer Matt Niedbalski and bass player Steve “Pretty Boy” Kirsty combine to provide a solid foundation. This recording was recorded mainly live off the floor solely with the core band, no outside help.

Vin digs right in with his inspiration that we can all relate to-“Car Troubles Made Me A Good Blues Singer”. Yes he is in possession of an appropriate set of pipes for the job, nicely rough. He’s no slouch in the harmonica department either. the band just chugs along with him. “Give Me Cornbread” keeps the momentum charging along. The title track is a slide guitar infused blues shuffle. Shades of Elmore James here. The harmonica playing shines in this testosterone tale.

“Ice Cold Beer” is a guaranteed concert crowd pleaser. It’s a shuffle with band answer vocals. With it’s ever present wailing harp and old school blues guitar this is the real deal. The guys evoke Slim Harpo’s loping swamp groove on the mainly single entendre “Honey”. “Whistlin’ By The Graveyard” gallops along with slapped upright bass.

“Paterson Is Crumblin'” is a slow lament about the decrepit state of Paterson, New Jersey. The band rips right into the shuffling “I Got The Blues On My Mind”. That Dean Shot can sure unleash some great guitar alongside Vin’s beefy harmonica riffing. An old timey blues vibe is achieved on “Countin’ On Them Chickens”.  A fine change of pace is delivered in the R&B flavored “Fire To Your Flame” with its’ pretty harmonica and guitar melodies.

Vin spins a tale of trading his soul to the devil for harmonica skills in “Please Mr. Devil”, a song that features cool slide guitar-harmonica unison playing. On the instrumental “Greaser” Link Ray guitar meets blues harmonica for a fifties style sound.

These guys manage to merge the essence of old timey blues to create something fresh and vital. No blues-rock posers here bull shucking about life on the road. They are putting down the real sound.

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