Frank Get – Gray Wolf | Album Review

Frank Get – Gray Wolf

12 songs time – 51:53

Seeing diversity and an international influx of music is a wonderful thing. As is sometimes the case as with Frank Get from Trieste, Italy, ethnic accents hinder the enjoyment of the listening experience. His accent along with his hoarse and hushed delivery make it difficult and at times impossible to discern the lyrics. Which is unfortunate because the musicianship here is quite good. If it wasn’t for the inclusion of a lyric sheet I would be completely lost. Fortunately Frank is an accomplished guitarist.

As it is very difficult to attain the drift of any song, your best bet here is to focus on the music that is very ably executed and takes from blues-rock, rock and R&B among others. For myself I can’t be bothered with sitting and following along with he lyric sheet because when you go back to listen without it you still only can decipher some of the words. The accompaniment includes the usual guitars, keyboards, drums and occasional horns. Frank’s dobro skills convey an old timey blues feel.

“Throwback Blues” starts off with a snippet of spoken word from the great Howlin’ Wolf and features rollicking piano by Andrea Reganzin. The pace gets slowed down on “Nora” with its’ lovely lilting electric guitar over acoustic guitar and piano. A nice Canned Heat style boogie pervades “The Outlaw Priest”. Frank rips off some sizzling guitar and harmonica riffs here. The gentle acoustic based “Another Chance” wraps the disc up on a positive note.

I wish I could be more descriptive, but I can’t see this CD being appealing to an English speaking accent. From the quality of the musicianship and the quality production values it’s easy to see that Frank and company’s intent and love for the music is sincere. This is a slippery slope. I don’t want to disrespect the guy, but it is truly a chore to make heads or tails out of the lyrical content here. I don’t know what else to say.

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