The Record Company – Give It Back to You | Album Review

therecordcompanycdThe Record Company – Give It Back to You

Concord Music Group

CD: 10 Songs; 39:49 Minutes       

Styles: Contemporary Electric Rock and Blues-Based Rock

“We’re The Record Company; we play rock and roll.” So states a direct and dynamic “buzz band” from Los Angeles. On their promotional info sheet, another quote of theirs reads: “We have been influenced by early electric blues, so some of that influence certainly shows…But we’re just as influenced by the [Rolling] Stones and the Stooges as we are by blues legends like Hooker, Muddy Waters and Jimmy Reed.” Herein lies a dilemma. On the one hand, The Record Company plays some of the most fantastic rock yours truly has heard this year. On the other hand, blues aficionados might think there’s too much rock to satisfy their tastes, especially if they’re looking for a more traditional style. For those with diverse musical palates, these ten original tracks will tingle blues fans’ taste buds.

It’s hard enough for any band to make it big on the music scene, much less the movie/TV scene. However, TRC’s selections have been played in the theatrical trailer for Last Vegas, Showtime’s Shameless, ABC’s Nashville, CBS’ CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, and ads for Coors Light, Miller Lite, and Subaru. They’ve also performed at numerous blues festivals around the world, and shared the stage with blues legends like Buddy Guy, B.B. King, and Robert Randolph. With a brilliant resume such as this, the future’s as bright as Sirius – the Dog Star – for this ensemble.

The Record Company is a terrifically talented trio: Chris Vos on guitar, lead vocals, and harmonica; Alex Stiff on bass, guitar and vocals; and Marc Cazorla on drums, piano and vocals.

The following three songs showcase different, particular musical elements, akin to different “muscle cars” in the windows of a dealer’s showroom. Each of them gleams in its own way.

Track 01: “Off the Ground” – The CD’s first number is grungy and hard-biting, with a guitar intro and refrain resembling the low-noted solo in Ricky Martin’s “Livin’ La Vida Loca”. “Off the Ground” has already been featured in the Miller Lite ad mentioned above, and it’s easy to see why. “I’ve got to get myself off the side of the road. I’ve got to get myself up off the side of the road. Things are looking clear as they’ve ever been. I don’t know how it’ll end, but I know where to begin.” Chris Vos plays lap-steel guitar here, and it simply scintillates.

Track 02: “Don’t Let Me Get Lonely” – Following the outstanding opener is a bouncy rockabilly extravaganza with all acoustic instruments, including bass. “Your mama, she love me. Your daddy do, too – everyone in your family besides you. I could ask you a thousand times; nothing I say will make you mine. Don’t make me get lonely; I’ll just get gone.”

Track 09: “This Crooked City” – Desperate times call for desperate measures, and so do desperate places. They might make one say, “If you need some money, I’ll swear I’ll steal a million, and take care of you, my darling.” Haunting and heartfelt, this underrated track displays the best vocals on the album. Coupled with Marc Cazorla’s slow piano, its notes falling like autumn raindrops, this song’s just about perfect.

When it comes to riveting blues-based rock, The Record Company will Give It Back to You!

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