Suit Ty Thurrsty – People in the Street | Album Review

suittythurrstycdSuit Ty Thurrsty – People in the Street


CD: 12 songs; 53:07 Minutes

Styles: Rock, Blues, Soul, Funk, Hip-Hop

The only thing about the NYC/Connecticut band Suit Ty Thurrsty that’s easy to describe is their name. They’re “The Suit” Tom Forst on vocals, guitar and keyboards, “Ty” Tyree Pope on vocals and bass, and “Thurrsty” Pedro Johnson on vocals and percussion. Musically, they’re all over the map. Only two songs of an all-original twelve would be considered pure blues, with the rest either rock, soul, funk or hip-hop. However, this ensemble should not be dismissed as ‘not being blues enough’. They have performed alongside Marshall Tucker and the Atlanta Rhythm Section as well as Busta Rhymes, Melba Moore, CL Smooth, and Dionne Warwick. Their second album, “People in the Street”, is number two in Connecticut as well. “There hasn’t been a band that brings so much excitement, so much musicality, so much vibrant onstage showmanship in a long time,” reads their website. They’re nominees this year for the Connecticut Music Awards and finalists for the Connecticut Blues Society Competition. With three tunes, Suit Ty Thurrsty stands a good chance of taking home listeners’ loyalty and hearts:

Track 01: “I’m Never Gonna Leave You” – Is this opening track’s narrator a devoted lover or a demented stalker? That’s up for blues fans to decide during this saucy number. “’Til death do us part – don’t make me prove it to you. You don’t want that, girl,” he sings. In another section, he emphasizes his point again. Mike Forst guest stars on keyboards, alongside Kim Burgie and James P. Mullen on trumpet and saxophone.

Track 04: “Same Old Song” – Track twelve is a bonus remix of this traditional blues stomp. Its protagonist is trapped in a rut, receiving repeated responses from his partner: “You’re stuck in that same old position; I can’t seem to change your mind. You say it’s your women’s intuition; you think you see. I know you’re blind. Can’t keep on keeping on singing that same old song.” The solo in the middle is a perfect marriage of “Ty’s” bassline and riveting guitar by “The Suit”.

Track 06: “I Got the Blues” – Sensational number six’s premise is hilarious. “I got the blues ‘cause I just ain’t got the blues!” The band’s chorus asks: “Did you lose your trailer in a hurricane? Did you lose your car to a repo man? Did you lose your wife to your best friend? If you want to sing the blues, you’ve got to show us your pain. Were you taking drugs when you was in the hood?” The lead singer says, “Well, I grew up in the suburbs, but that Viagra’s pretty good.” “Are you working for The Man every day?” The response: “Well, I guess I am a man, that’s why I’m going to say ‘I got the blues’…”

When they play the blues, Suit Ty Thurrsty will quench the thirst of all the “People in the Street”!

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