Mick Kidd and David Blight – It’s All Worth It | Album Review

Mick Kidd and David Blight – It’s All Worth It



CD: 12 Songs, 52 Minutes

Styles: Acoustic Blues, Duo Album, All Original Songs

Have you ever started listening to an album and feared you wouldn’t finish it because you got addicted to the first song? That’s exactly what happened when I heard the title track of It’s All Worth It, the third release from Australian duo Mick Kidd and David Blight. These two have teamed up on a regular basis over the past decade, representing the Adelaide Roots & Blues Association at the 2016 International Blues Challenge, performing gigs from Memphis to Melbourne along with numerous festivals in Adelaide, Darwin, Docklands in Melbourne, Bruthen and Bendigo.

This CD has been a long time in coming, but at last, these eleven bold and brash Australian blues tunes (plus a ghost track recorded live in Darwin) have made their official debut. Each one has its own particular charm, with “Purgatory” and “Blue Collar Blues” standing out as surefire ear worms. “Along Love’s Edge” possesses gorgeous melody throughout, with David Blight’s harmonica keening in the throes of heartbreak. Yours truly imagines him playing this song in the dead of night along the Pascoe River, a full moon the only illumination for miles around. “Beaten by the Bottle Again” is propelled by a seven-note refrain that will have you counting them just to make sure. It’s an intriguing takeoff on a traditional blues beat, off-kilter in its cadence – drunk, you might say. When it launches into its middle section, hold on for a wild ride.

Some albums, like some books, movies and other forms of art, are all about flash instead of form. Slick production values and big-name acts can hide mediocre musicianship, lackluster songwriting, and an overall dearth of feeling. Not with these guys! Just play “Boneyard” and you’ll see. They go all out, holding nothing back and baring their souls through their instruments of choice. It’s an explosive number, so be sure to turn the volume of your old stereo up to 9, not 11.

Mick Kidd plays acoustic, electric and bass guitars. He also stomps and performs lead vocals on several tracks. David Blight conquers the harmonica, percussion, and lead vocals for the others.

The only flaw on this magnificent CD is that the instrumentation often overpowers the vocals. Listen closely or you might miss these great lyrics (don’t worry – they’re in the liner notes) : “Calloused fingers, lack of sleep / Beer-stained clothes, not much to eat / No drink rider, blown-up van / Miles and miles of brown dry land / Hit the next city, back street pub / Door deal only, now here’s the rub / Loading out at 3 AM / Swear I won’t do this place again / But it’s worth it, playing for you / It’s all worth it!”

So is this album. Get it NOW, mates!

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