Lauren Glick – Lush | Album Review

Lauren Glick – Lush


CD: 10 Songs, 34 Minutes

Styles: Soul Blues, Contemporary Electric Blues Rock, All Original Songs

I have a soft spot for torch singers in the blues: Laura Green, Shirley King, Sayed Sabrina, Erja Lyytinen, Claudia Carawan. These charming chanteuses and their pearly pipes aren’t only fit for jazz clubs or jazz CDs. Neither is Lauren Glick, presenting her new album Lush. When we hear that word, we typically think of a jungle or a drunk. Well, Ms. Glick sets that jungle ablaze and gets us addicted to her va-va-voom voice instead of vodka. Take the opening track, “Don’t Add Up.” “You’d better think about all your questions, baby, ‘cause they don’t add up all the time.”

That line, delivered with such soft yet searing soul, would make the sneakiest of cheating partners shake in their walking shoes! It’s four minutes of fire, pure and simple. The other eight original songs continue in this vein, each one smoothly mixing the best of soul and the best of blues in equal measure. If the highlight and chief draw of Lush is Lauren’s vocals – and it is – she pulls out all the stops. No timid teenager is she, but an all-caps WOMAN, and she won’t let listeners forget it. On track five, she belts, “I’m not into you, ‘cause I’m onto you, and I don’t know what I’m going to do. I cut my hair and I changed my name, took a trip down memory lane.” Ouch. This isn’t typically something that happens to the unseasoned. Here, Glick demonstrates she’s seen it all. “Little White Lies” will add pep to your step, and the hard blues rocker “Poor Boy” showcases blistering guitar, pounding drums, and understated, gritty keys.

At Lauren’s side (vocals, bass, and keyboards) are Scott Malaby on guitar, Bobby Malaby on drums, and Matt Vangasbeck on additional keyboard.

“Over the past few years, I’ve really embraced the blues,” notes Glick in her promotional materials. “I’ve always loved it musically, but I came to realize that, as a singer, it’s a very comfortable and natural place for me. My voice is really throaty and soulful. That’s what flows from me pretty much effortlessly. So I decided to lean into that full-force over the past couple years, and that really helped me find my niche.”

Lauren has finally found hers – a place for her Lush and vibrant style to shine!

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