Eric Sardinas and Big Motor – Boomerang | Album Review

ericsardinascdEric Sardinas and Big Motor – Boomerang

Jazzhaus Records  

CD: 10 Songs; 34:25 Minutes

Styles: Contemporary Electric Rock, Blues Rock

“Wild man.” Those two succinct words are perfect to describe the Florida born, Los Angeles resident Eric Sardinas and his band Big Motor, especially during incendiary (literally) live performances. Also, perfectly describing are “guitar pyrotechnics,” “party hard,” and “stadium-suitable.” Unfortunately, “pure blues” is not an accurate description of the songs on his new high-octane album Boomerang. Indeed, there are two traditional covers such as Lieber and Stoller’s “Trouble” and Howlin’ Wolf’s “How Many More Years.” But, no matter which way one defines blues, Eric Sardinas will make listeners’ ears ring and their boomboxes explode.

“…Life is similar to this game with a boomerang,” Sardinas reveals on his promotional information sheet. “You sit there with a broken heart, and yet at the same time know it must go on – that you must move forward.” Musically, he plows forward with ferocious intensity, never daring to turn his head and glance behind him.

Alongside Sardinas are the members of his band Big Motor: Levell Price on bass and background vocals; Bryan Keeling on drums and background vocals; Dave Schulz on keyboards; Celine Cavin on Mojo Juice harp, and kazoos on track ten by the Hilo Bay Honorary Brigade. Matt Gruber also stars on background vocals.

The following three original songs constitute blues rock at its hottest:

Track 01: “Run Devil Run” – Featuring a feisty electrified custom dobro resonator introduction, the opener is a smoking ballad about how wrongdoing catches up with all of us sooner or later. If one listens closely, one can hear a gritty monologue at the beginning: “I’ve been walking this road a long time. I’ve got a story. There’s somebody following me.” This supernatural adversary is in hot pursuit of our narrator, and no matter how hard Satan runs, the protagonist must remain several steps ahead of him. The refrain of the title will compel fans to sing along with the band.

Track 04: “Morning Glory” – With minimal instrumentation and maximum blues inspiration, track four can be interpreted in various ways. “Morning Glory” can be the nickname of our hero’s absent lover, or more likely his absent God. “I’ve been down, Lord, down so long with a heavy mind. Gotta leave it all in the past, Lord, so I can leave it behind.” Clap along as Sardinas pleads, “Have mercy on me.”

Track 10: “Heavy Loaded” – Featuring a bouncy beat and killer kazoos by the Hilo Bay Honorary Brigade, the final song is a wacky whirlwind of melody contrasted with threatening lyrics: “I’ll give you all I’ve got to give, but every day, mama, I need to live. Don’t you get me heavy loaded…If you get me heavy loaded, I’ll unload on you.” The mid-song solos would make even a St. Patrick’s Day leprechaun dance over the rainbow instead of guarding his big pot of gold.

Eric Sardinas and Big Motor have thrown a Boomerang to blues rock fans that packs a wallop!

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