Davis Chris and Mr Foster – Wings and Blue Cheese | Album Review

Davis Chris and Mr Foster – Wings and Blue Cheese    

DFD Music


CD/EP: 7 Songs, 18 Minutes

Styles: R&B, Funk, Rap, All Original Songs

Many times over the years I, a late Gen X’er or Xennial depending on whom you ask, have asked myself the question: What is the future of the blues? Once all of its hallowed progenitors have yielded themselves up to time and history, what will the blues sound like? Which sounds and rhythms will remain basically unchanged, and which will have morphed into rarer, more exotic forms? If the blending of blues with other genres continues in force, how will newcomers and veterans alike recognize the genuine article? Davis Chris (real name Chris Davis) and Shane Foster (aka Mr Foster) will inspire aficionados to ask these questions as they listen to Wings and Blue Cheese, this duo’s latest album featuring guest stars such as W!ll, CHEL, Andy Horton, and Cecily Wagner. It’s not so much a CD as an EP, clocking in at a paltry eighteen minutes.

Is it blues? Funk? R&B? Rap? Try “all of the above” and then some. Each of the seven tracks here are catchy, energetic, and full of vigor that’ll banish the worst spiritual ailments. That said, it’s extremely difficult to distinguish pure blues at any point. These two have talent oozing out of every pore, on both vocals and instrumentation, but they’re not Muddy Waters or Howlin’ Wolf. They’re more like Boyz II Men, Lauryn Hill, and other ‘90s favorites of mine. Before I ever fell in love with “I’m Ready” or “Spoonful,” I swooned over “End of the Road” and “Doo Wop (That Thing).” Songs like these prepared me for the good stuff, the old-school purity that led me to write for this magazine. Keep that in mind as you listen, and reserve judgment until the end.

In an interview with PRNewswire, the question was posed: “In general, what led you guys to music?” Davis Chris replies: “I used to step and dance. I was always fascinated by rap battles on YouTube. While in boot camp in the US NAVY, I made a song about boot camp that was a hit around base. I made a room of 1,000 people applaud and from that moment on I knew I had a gift.” Says Mr Foster: “I grew up playing the drums in church, also played with go-go bands, While in the military I owned a club where I dealt with a lot of artists and organically built relationships and started understanding the business. After 5 combat tours and receiving the Combat Action Badge and other various medals I knew it was time for a change and to be in a profession that I would love.”

From the funky intensity of “Marinate,” the saucy opener, to the gorgeous harmonies of “Play Ya Part,” to the relentless earworm “Chattanooga,” there’s a lot here for Millennials and Gen Z. What would the blues or even R&B be without younger generations? Nevertheless, Wings and Blue Cheese might be a bit too eclectic for some. The fire’s there for sure, but what about the low-down achin’ chill? You decide, loyal readers, and pave the way for future fans!

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