Aaron Burton – Blues is Beautiful | Album Review

Aaron Burton – Blues is Beautiful



CD: 12 Songs, 33:00 Minutes  

Styles: Contemporary Electric Blues Rock, Harmonica Blues  

In 2013, this reviewer happened upon The Return of Peetie Whitestraw, by Texas bluesman Aaron Burton, and went gaga over it. Six years later, the Texas titan is back to prove that Blues is Beautiful. Dedicated to his late mother, Beverly Denise Morgan Burton, it features ten original tracks and two covers (“Illinois Blues” by Skip James and “The Entertainer” by Scott Joplin). Overall, this CD is a mixed bag but a commendable effort. Crisp tunes such as “Sweet Jessica Linn” and “I Was Trippin’” counterbalance meandering musical journeys like the title track. On vocals, Burton might put one in mind of Eric Clapton and Darius Rucker simultaneously. How he pulls off an incredible low range is nothing short of stunning. His diction isn’t perfect, but that’s a minor quibble when the blues is all that matters.

What does Aaron Burton have in common with Tom Clancy and Stephen King? He’s prolific, having created fifty-plus original compositions, released eight albums including this one, and played countless bars and clubs in his native Dallas/Fort Worth. However, our blues hero ought to be more well-known in the United States and worldwide. Aaron is on the brink of making it big, and when he does, look out.

Joining Mr. Burton (guitar and vocals) are William “Sleepin’ Bill” Johnston on harp, Fred Harvey on sax, and Dirk Cordes on drums.

The following track achieves a trifecta of catchiness, danceability, and lyrical humor.

Track 03: “I Was Trippin’” – We all make stupid decisions in our youth, and sometimes when our prime years are behind us. In this autobiographical ditty, Aaron lays it all on the line: “When I was young, I was such a little turd. I thought life wasn’t fair, so was mad at the whole wide world. I was skipping school, drinking, smoking, and getting into fights. I had a sweet little angel, but I wouldn’t treat her right. Man, I was tripping, really was a fool. Lord, I was tripping, y’all, trying to be so cool.” “Sleepin’ Bill” Johnston plays terrific harmonica here.

Some missteps aside, Texan Aaron Burton once again demonstrates that Blues is Beautiful!

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