Wily Bo Walker presents Tales of the Mescal Canyon Troubadours | Album Review

Wily Bo Walker presents Tales of the Mescal Canyon Troubadours

Self Released


10 tracks

Scottish born Wily Bo Walker is an eclectic solo artist who mixes his music with humor, drama and truly great guitar to come up with blues and bluesy songs that grab the listener. He often collaborates with other musicians as he does here, and E.D. Brayshaw is one who helped out here, too. New and revisited originals are offered up here and it’s an eclectic and fun mix of tunes.

The album begins with “Drive (Mescalito Mix)” and it certainly does drive!  The song has a great beat and the guitar moves things along with force. Walker sings with his gravelly voice and reaches out and grabs the listener. Piano, backing vocals and just a tight band and arrangement make this a great hook to start with. “Walk in Chinese Footsteps” is another bg cut with some powerful guitar and another driving beat that makes you move to the groove. Next is “Jawbreaker (Surf-O-Rama)” and we get a full out surf instrumental onslaught. Great guitar, organ and a fun ride through an original surf tune with some slick riffs. Up next is “I Want To Know” where the pace slows down and the sound is funky and cool. They get a nice groove going and Walker again growls as he fronts the band. Backing vocals are cool and the overall sound is, too, and of course we get some more of his guitar to enjoy. “For The Children (When The Nightmares Call)” follows, a ballad that really changes the pace and shows another side of the Troubadours. The song builds and we get lots more pretty guitar to savor.

The album continues with “Velvet Windows (The Moonlight Diaries)” with a down home sound with banjos and a front porch sort of feel to it, showing a litle more variety in their work. Walker sings about a relationship gone bad that took him straight ot hell. The guitar work layered over the banjo is nicely done. “Chattahoochee Coochee Man (Southern Side)” is Walker’s take on southern rock and he and the band blaze through this one. His signature growl and fine supporting vocals and a big-assed, stinging guitar sell this one. “Time To Forget You (Bourbon & Candlelight Mix)” slows things down next, a pretty, slow blues that gets the listener swaying in their seat. The intro with guitar and keyboard is cool and then Wily Bo comes in with the girls and it’s another fine cut as he sings about drinking his relationship memories away. There is some well done slide work here, too. He finishes up with “Moon Over Indigo” to conclude this set of all original tunes. Organ and piano open this somber and quiet cut as Walker goes out with style.

I liked the album a lot. Blues and heavily blues-tinged songs with super guitar and gravelly vocals give the listener something to ponder and enjoy. Every listen makes me like this one even more!

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