Walter Trout in hospital as insurance firm delays treatment decision

waltertrout1Walter Trout in hospital as insurance firm delays treatment decision


Walter Trout was admitted to hospital over the weekend after suffering the effects of his recently-diagnosed liver damage.

And he’s already been waiting three weeks to find out whether his insurance company will approve the course of treatment he needs, which will cost $90,000.

The diagnosis was confirmed last year. It forced him to cancel some shows on a European tour, in order to allow himself the rest days doctors had told him to take between concerts.

The 62-year-old admitted at the time: “It seems my early years of debauchery, lechery and partying has finally caught up with me.”

Now Marie says via his Facebook page: “Please send loving thoughts and prayers to Walter. He is severely dehydrated, and his electrolytes are dangerously out of balance. He should be better once the balance is restored – it will take a few days.

“We are now waiting for the third week in a row for a decision from his health insurance company to decide whether they will pay for a new wonder drug that should be able to cure his condition.

“If you could send some positive energy in that direction too: that the insurance company will approve the medication. Each pill costs $1000. A full treatment is $90,000.

“Walter will benefit from your thoughts, prayers and consideration. Thank you.”

Changes to Trout’s condition will be announced via Facebook. Marie has asked that friends and colleagues leave contacting him until later, because he needs all the rest he can get.

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