Tracy Lee Nelson – Blues Loving Man | Album Review

Tracy Lee Nelson – Blues Loving Man

Self-Release – 2017

15 tracks; 52 minutes

Tracy Lee Nelson is a guitarist, singer and proud member of (and former spokesperson for) the La Jolla Band of the Luiseño Indians who celebrates his heritage on some of the tracks here. Tracy Lee was once a member of Redbone and played in a number of rock bands in the past and this album is mainly in blues-rock mode. Unfortunately there are no credits for the supporting musicians but bass, drums and keyboards are certainly present on most tracks.

Opening cut “Married To The Blues” hits the listener hard with lots of strident guitar behind Tracy Lee’s baritone voice. “My Baby Joanna” follows the theme lyrically as Tracy Lee states that he “loves to play the blues all day and night”, the opening acoustic backing soon overtaken by electric guitar. “Dance Dance” adds some synth horns as well as plenty of hard riffing guitar and “Give Me A Chance” has a solid core riff with Tracy Lee hitting the wah-wah hard in his solos. The title track stays in quieter mode with some nice resonator over an acoustic guitar and handclap accompaniment and there is some lyrical guitar on the ballad “Give Me A Chance”, well supported by warm organ. Closing track “I Want To Know” is also catchy and melodic yet tinged with sadness as Tracy Lee claims never to have known what love is, wanting things to be like they are in the movies on TV.

Tracy Lee gets more political on “Leave Our People Alone” where searing guitar underpins some bitter lyrics about the way that Native Americans have been (and are still) treated. “Protectors” is a prayer for understanding as Tracy Lee asks for greater respect and exhorts his people to stand together to protect the tribal lands and “Native Descendants” also celebrates the tribe’s inheritance.

This is an album that will satisfy those looking for plenty of guitar workouts.

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