Tom Euler – Blues Got My Back | Album Review

Tom Euler – Blues Got My Back

self release

10 songs time-35:39

Tom Euler and his band from Virginia bring music that teeters on the fine line between blues and blues-rock and the way they deliver it is a great place to teeter. Tom’s expressive and exuberant voice combined with his scorching guitar chops lead the way. Lucy Kilpatrick adds textures and solos with her expert piano and organ skills. Michael Behlmar’s drumming is sturdy as a rock. The bass of Von Jose Roberts tightens up the rhythm section. Everybody contributes backing vocals and no outside help is needed, thank you very much!

The title track is pretty much straight ahead blues. Tom along with Lucy on organ take brief and effective solos. Tom breaks out some speed freak guitar for “Bridge You Ain’t Burnt”, a song that features some tough riffs. Tom’s plaintive vocal is set over lovely piano backing on “Played Your Part”, a slow burner. “You can look at me and roll your eyes as I kiss your dog goodnight”. He rips off a jazz tinged solo that Carlos Santana would be proud of.

Boogie-woogie piano kicks off “Rock N’ Roll These Days” as he questions the integrity of some of today’s music. “Is that what passes for rock and roll these days?”. Some Chuck Berry-ish guitar is thrown into the mix. “Broken Soul” is a funked up rocker. “Forgive Me” is infused with spirituality that is bolstered by churchy piano and organ. Now for an upbeat instrumental shuffle with a slowed down middle section. Plenty of tasty guitar and organ on this one.

“Tough Guy” is a challenge to a bully that features a fluid guitar attack over an organ backing. The urgent vocals go toe to toe with the blazing guitar. Rockin’ blues guitar leads off “More To Life” that chugs along nicely. It’s a call to chill out. The mellow and poppy “Thought Of You” saunters along on a cloud of acoustic guitar and piano along with a subdued rhythm section.

The all original songs from the pen of Tom Euler along with the first rate band make for a totally satisfying musical journey. No flaws to be found here, just very creative and varied playing. It’s not entirely straight ahead blues, but it’s all straight ahead good. You can’t go wrong with this one. You’ll find yourself bopping along to this first class group of musicians. Do yourself a favor and check it out.

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