The Symbols – Catching Fire | Album Review

The Symbols – Catching Fire

self release

10 songs time-37:24

One would think that a guitar fronted female led trio would be of the generic blues rock let’s shred “everything to pieces” variety, but one would be wrong in this case. Well heck, even two would be wrong. This outfit formed in Denver, Colorado bucks the trend by conjuring up a diverse approach to their music. Elements of blues-rock, funk, soul, jazz, rock, roots and who knows what else blend together at different times to create a refreshing and well thought out recording. Mer Sal provides the deep felt and melodious vocals along with laying down a commanding bass sound. Jasco, formerly of Blinddog Smokin’, provides the fluid and intricate guitar styling’s. Nate Brown handles the drum seat along with producer Alvino Bennett filling that chair on one song. All songs are band originals.

The funk infused blues-rocker “Good For Me” a he did you a favor when he walked out the door tale with Mer’s soulful voice and Jasco’s beautifully soaring guitar. We’re on the second tune and already the band’s versatility shows its’ face in the slow and lovely “Let’s Be Love”. The sturdy bass anchors the textured acoustic and electric guitars. Motown funk meets blues-rock on “Sparkle” with its’ infectious groove. One minor lyric quibble. “My love sparkles like the sun at night”. Huh? I’ve never seen the sun at night.

The title tune is heightened by Mar Sal’s deeply soulful vocal as she warns her man that he better run ’cause she’s catching fire. I know I would haul ass post haste. Acoustic and electric guitars blend on the slow burning “Not Enough Love”. The funky bass and guitar kick off the dance floor song “Shake It” and the band does just that. Slow bluesy slide guitar eases the listener into “Walk Beside Me” with its’ subtle country overtones.

The slow stroll of “Soon” harks back to a forty’s feel helped by jazzy acoustic guitar and skat singing. “Rules” touts the pleasures of breaking the rules. Piano and an acoustic guitar are the only instrumentation on the lovely melancholy ballad “Our Song”. Oh, did I mention that this woman can SING.

This isn’t about any particular genre of music. It’s about the sheer joy of good music. In the hands of this band you can’t go wrong. Everything works here. Oh, did I remember to tell you that this lady can SING?

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