The Little Red Rooster Band – Hijinx And Tomfoolery | Album Review

The Little Red Rooster Blues Band – Hijinx And Tomfoolery


14 Tracks/60:33

Less than two months after recording the tracks on this album, the Little Red Rooster Band was dealt a cruel blow when guitarist and lead vocalist Kevin McCann was left paralyzed by Guillain-Barre Syndrome. Fortunately, he has recovered and that is good news, because the band is adept at playing blues with no frills, the kind of blues that is in short supply these days.

Recorded in one six hour session, things get started with the instrumental “Greasing The Weezer”, featuring some hearty harp blowing from Dave Holtzman in addition to a fine McCann solo. On “Eyes Wide Open,” Holtzman quickly proves he is no slouch on the chromatic harp, which plays off McCann’s raw vocal. Th rhythm section of Randy Lippoicott on bass and Bob Holden on drums create a classic laid-back swamp pop groove on “Back In Your Arms,” then do it again on “Hurts My Mind,” as McCann relates his sad tale of love lost. “Day Drinking Daddy” is fast-paced Jimmy Reed-style shuffle with Holtzman taking over the lead on vocals, accompanied by sparkling harp and guitar solos.

McCann booming, raw voice plays off some cool harp tones on “27 Dollars,” then the band slows things down on “Just For You,” a soulful lament about failed love. “Easy Baby” is another forceful shuffle while “Honey With Some Money” has McCann searching for a woman with significant resources to solve his personal financial crisis. “Bad Toupee” rides a Bo Diddley rhythm but fails to excite due to Holtzman’s uninspiring vocal. “Shut Me Down” finds the band running through some of the worst pick-up lines ever inflicted on the fairer sex. The title track brings the proceedings to a sparkling conclusion, an exhilarating instrumental with McCann throwing in quotes from several classic song in his extended guitar solo.

Based out of the Philadelphia area, the Little Red Rooster Band has been making music for almost thirty years. Their sixth recording marks them as a group with plenty of instrumental skill, quality original material, and a traditional approach that will surely strike a chord with listeners who relish those qualities.

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