The Deputies – Live In Stockholm | Album Review

The Deputies – Live In Stockholm

Jefferson Records

7 songs Time – 43:44

Picture a smokey, noisy juke joint, only this one is in Stockholm, Sweden. The band is Swedish and they deliver bare bones blues that sound Chicago authentic aside from the vocals. They are a guitar-bass-drums outfit that are augmented by guest artist the late Sven Zetterberg on vocals, guitar and harmonica. This recording interestingly enough was recorded in 1992 on sub-par equipment, but it captures the raw, driving blues sound of the band in a crowd noise setting. The performances are great although the sound isn’t pristine.

This recording consists entirely of inspired cover songs. Vocalist Sven Zetterberg turns in a fine European voiced performance along with adequate harmonica skills.The instrumental “Kaos Hop” has the feel of an old fifties rock guitar record meets the blues. Sam Cooke’s “Laughin’ And Clownin’ Gives room for plenty of guitar antics. Sven Zetterberg plays horn lines on his harmonica on the bluesy take of the old stalwart “Caldonia”. The band stays close to the original vibe of Jimmy Reed’s “You Don’t Have To Go”. Sven does Little Walter’s “Blues With A Feeling” proud with a well done rendition on his harp.

The guitar on “I Got My Mojo Working” ventures close to country territory at times. “Tin Pan Alley” is a blues guitar Tour-De-Force. It clocks in as the longest song here at 9:41.

The Deputies bring the closest thing to real Chicago blues to their homeland of Sweden. The fine musicianship along with the requisite rowdy crowd noises invoke a jumping Chicago blues joint. The band has soaked up the basics of the authentic blues vibe of days past. The music drips with bluesy soul. Other than harmonica, the guitars dominate the sounds here with a real blues riffing. It is heart warming that blues musicians across the world strive to keep to keep the real deal blues alive and kicking. The album can be ordered directly from the band by emailing to

Do yourself a favor and give yourself a heaping helping of great blues.

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