Studebaker John – Songs For None | Album Review

Studebaker John – Songs For None

Avanti Music

13 tracks

Studebaker John and the Hawks.  Studebaker John and the Maxwell Street Kings.  Studebaker John with Mud Morganfield and others.  And now, Studebaker John by himself with a baker’s dozen of original songs with Mr. Grimaldi playing solo acoustic guitar and his harp.  It’s a change but it’s very interesting and well done.

“Sometimes I Wonder” starts off the CD.  It’s a mournful cut with some slick harp and guitar picking.   “Nothing but…” is a cool mostly instrumental number with a few shout outs where John blows harp and picks out some nice stuff.  The dark “Dangerous World” is a swampy sort of Delta sounding tune with echoed vocals adding to the mystery and warnings of danger.  “Pain” is a thoughtful cut with beautiful guitar picking.  “Nothing Remains the Same” is a slow and remorseful number as is the following “Lonely Day” and “Between Nothing and Eternity.”

“Will You Be My Angel” stays with the slow tempo and asks for his angel to give him strength and fly him away. “Sometimes” is another pensive, mostly instrumental cut with good harp and guitar work.  “Stolen Time” keeps up the theme and he slides sweetly on the fret board here.  “I Still Won” is a little more upbeat and has a more strident approach.  “Junkyard Preacher” has a bigger sound with greasy harp and a spiritual sort of sound to it.  “All My Life” completes the set and remains remorseful and mournful with harp wailing and the guitar pensively being picked.

I saw John do his acoustic set at Chicago’s House of Blues with him and a drummer.  It was cool.  He did some of his old stuff and many of the tunes from the new CD.  I enjoyed it and the CD.  If you want to visit with a different side of this great artist then pick this up.  It’s a cool album and John has written and performed some great new songs.  It’s a little down and dark in theme but it’s worth a spin or two!

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