Seth Walker – Sky Still Blue | Album Review

sethwalkercdSeth Walker – Sky Still Blue

Royal Potato Family – 2014

Eleven Tracks with a total running time of 41:24

My first encounter with Seth Walker’s material from his new album Sky Still Blue came on Labor Day Weekend when I heard track 10, “Jesus (Make My Bed)” on Tony Colter’s “Blues Report” radio show (Sirius Satellite Radio) where he plays new Blues music every Sunday evening for two hours. This track is a stripped down, haunting dirge that laments a troubled, sinful life.

This is the fourth album by Seth Walker on the Royal Potato Family label and is quite eclectic in its approach and style. In the liner notes Walker invites the listener to , “…play it loud…” – something this listener does without hesitation. Walker has a clean, succinct delivery with his guitar as well as his voice.

All the tunes here are originals and songwriting credits are as follows: Seth Walker and Oliver Wood tracks 1, 3, 7 and 11. Tracks 2 and 4 are written by Walker and Gary Nicholson. Track 5 is written by Walker, Wood and J. Dickenson. Walker wrote track 6 by himself; track 9 by V. McCoy; track 8 by Walker and Jessi Alexander and track 10 is by Walker and C. Simpson.

Seth Walker performed the lead vocals and played the guitars on this album with Steve Mackey on bass; Derrek Phillips on drums; Jano Rix on piano, Wurlitzer organ, percussion, drums and background vocals; Chris Wood on the upright bass; Oliver Wood plays guitar and does background vocals; Ephraim Owens on trumpet; The McCrary Sisters – background vocals; and Brigitte Demeyer also performing some background vocals.

Track 1, “Easy Come, Easy Go”, Walker treats our ears to a mellow riff that has a New Orleans feel to it. Imagine John Cleary without the piano, a little blue-eyed soul singing a sad song about missing a new love in his life.

On “Trouble (Don’t Want No)” (track 2) we are treated to another somewhat stripped down tune but the rhythm section is evident here with steady drums and bass intact. Walker’s voice comes through sharp and clear as he lets the listener know he “… don’t want no trouble…” and who does? Walker’s guitar work here is also quite clean and listenable.

Track 7, “High Wire”, is an organ soaked Blues moan with clever songwriting by Walker and Oliver Wood.

Walker is not a Blues Belter or a guitar slasher but if you like your Blues mellow and laid back you will find a lot to like here.

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