Sean Poluk – Never Going To Lose | Album Review

Sean Poluk – Never Going To Lose

self release

10 songs time – 35:17

This offering from Sean Poluk from Waterloo, Canada is a heady brew of many influences including roots music, folk, blues and international leanings. Recorded in Canada and Spain it employs Latin musicians from Spain and Venezuela. Sean’s vocal delivery tends to be of hushed tones that at times makes the lyrics difficult to decipher. He plays only acoustic or resonator guitar with the remainder of instruments being flute, sax, keyboards, drums and various stringed instruments. The multi-layered background vocals by producer Edith Salazar range from “oohs and ahs” to eerie moans or foreign voices. Due to the various influences a very exotic vibe is achieved.

The intro to the title song with its’ “ooh and ah” chorus and acoustic guitar strumming sounds like The Doobie Brothers. His soft echoed vocalizing obscures some of the lyrics. It’s a funky number with sax and piano. “Little By Little” is a blues based and upbeat shuffle with accented background vocals. Laid back is the word for “Sometimes” and Sean’s lilting acoustic and acoustic slide playing. Haunting backing vocals and keyboard strings along with Tomasito Garcia’s flute contribute to the exotic atmosphere of the music on “Ragged Blues”.

The Lord’s Prayer is recited over the music in “Lord’s Prayer Blues” with female vocals that sound like eerie American Indian strange moaning. The lyrics of “I Don’t Mind” come straight out of a corny country song. “I have a vegan friend, she smokes grass and I don’t mind”; “I like girls that like Tequila”; “I have a friend who drives a Ford and I don’t Mind”. Really? The country vibe remains for “Forever Is A Long Time” as Sean sounds uncannily like Kenny Rogers.

“Nina” is basically a flute driven instrumental dedicated to a puppy(barking included) with the female chorus chanting “Nina” over and over. “Waterloo Is The Last Stop” is about moving there. Things wrap up with the self explanatory “Everybody Lies” a song that has an ominous quality thanks to some haunting background vocals. It also features a nice stringed instrument solo.

Sean and his crew have come up with an interesting concoction of a melding of musical styles with occasional exotic touches. Sean’s original compositions, the first rate musicians along with Edith Salazar’s deft production values have created a mesmerizing musical experience.

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