Savoy Brown – Witchy Feelin’ | Album Review

Savoy Brown – Witchy Feelin’

Ruf Records

11 tracks/54 minutes

Kim Simmonds founded Savoy Brown in October 1965.  At 69 he still is Savoy Brown as the band is pretty much Kim Simmonds on guitar and vocals and whoever he has a back-line.  Here we have him with Pat DeSalvo on bass and Garnet Grimm on drums doing a great job backing up this 69 year old British master of the blues guitar.

“Why Did You Hoodoo Me” is a nice an above mid-tempo blues rocker where Simmonds demonstrates his prowess on guitar for us.  He questions why he’s been cursed by his woman in this slick production.  Kim switches things up with ”Livin’ On The Bayou” with a little creole inspired stuff.  A Cajun ballad with some pretty and somewhat ethereal guitar.  “I Can’t Stop the Blues” has Simmonds growling out the lyrics in a song about loneliness.  The guitar work is what this one’s all about- steady handed and cool.  The title cut is up next, a cool slow blues with nice guitar picking, and a ghostly bass line and sound. “Guitar Slinger” picks up the tempo a little and gets into what the title says- guitar slinging.  “Vintage Man” shuffles and shines nicely as Kin sings about being a vintage sort of guy in Levis, blue suede shoes and listening to his record player as he listens to and plays Jimmy Reed.

The slide comes out for “Standing In A Doorway.”  Slow blues with voice and slide in a melancholy repartee, nicely done.  “Memphis Blues” gives us a driving beat and some big guitar and some more slide, but this time it’s greasy and slick.  “Can’t Find Paradise” is a big, blues rock anthem sort of piece with some more slide work. Simmonds guitar cries and wails in “Thunder, Lightning and Rain.”  It’s a big cut with lots of guitar that goes on for nearly 8 minutes of 6 string soling to a steady bass and drum beat.  The CD closes to “Close to Midnight,” a sultry and thoughtful instrumental of Simmonds showing us why he’s highly regard as a guitar man.

If you love Savoy Brown and Kim Simmonds then you’ll be spinning this CD a lot because this is right up your alley.  Simmonds shows us he’s still got what it takes.  The guitar is not overdone, but it’s big and impressively done.  It’s a really enjoyable set of new songs all penned by Kim.

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