Samuel Bowen – Bleeding Daylight – Album Review

Samuel Bowen – Bleeding Daylight

Self release

10 songs time – 38:40

Samuel Bowen’s music is mainly of the mellow introspective singer-songwriter variety. His repertoire consists of originals and cover versions. He handles all guitar chores along with his singing. He’s supported by the usual keyboards, drums, bass and strong backing vocals by Kat Stewart.

The ringing acoustic guitar of “Love” reinforces the upbeat message. “In spite of the thorns” at songs’ end lends a bit of reality. His smooth and youthful vocalizations contradict his photo on back cover. No offense intended. You’ll swear that the original “Hard Times” is a song you remember from the 60s folk bomb. It isn’t that dissimilar to the old folk chestnut “Hard Times Stay Away From My Door”.

Bruce Cockburn’s “Celestial Horses” continues the positive messaging found quite frequently on this release. A religious theme runs through “The Underground”. Organ underlies some nifty electric guitar lines. The Phil Madeira written “I Believe In You” resides in country-ish singer-songwriter territory.

Warren Zevon’s “Don’t Let Us Get Sick” is so feel good in it’s imagery that it strays away from being corny. The end vocal of little girl Jewel Nevah-Ann Beauchemin leaves me with good chills. “Static” speaks to turning off distractions and focusing on the important things in life.

“This Building”-“not quite finished yet” is an analogy for the progression of a human life. The strings add a lush quality. Kimberly Hodgens-Smith brings her powerful voice to sing the blues of “Fussin”. Damn!…Her voice goes back-and-forth from soaring to mellow with ease. The organ of Jordan Heersink gives it a good backdrop along with Samuel’s cutting electric guitar soloing.
The Phil Mederia and Merrill Farnsworth penned “Mercy Land” closes things out solely with acoustic guitar backing, summing up with the positivity felt throughout.

Thought provoking mellow feel good music works well in the hands of someone as skilled in his craft as Samuel Bowen. The production by him and bassist and engineer Bob Evarts make every piece fit into place just nicely. This is an adventure surely worth your while.

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