Roger Hurricane Wilson – Live At The Time Out Pub Rockland | Album Review

Roger Hurricane Wilson  – Live At The Time Out Pub Rockland, Maine

Bluestorm Records

10 songs time – 76:30

The world works in mysterious ways, here it is three years later and I’m reviewing another of Roger Hurricane Wilson’s live CDs. Curiously this one was actually recorded about seven years before the previous one as a tribute to The Time Out Pub for it’s legacy of supporting live acts. With his guitar skills intact he leads a different but just as worthy rhythm section through it’s paces. Two songs appear on both recordings. This CD is mainly a vehicle for his guitar histrionics while his vocal skills are serviceable.

There are three blues cover songs along with the seven Wilson originals. All are played in typical blues-rock fashion while teetering on the edge of straight ahead blues. The two blues stalwarts “Checkin’ Up On My Baby” and “Honey Hush” are given their just due along with the lesser known Willie Dixon-Eddie Boyd tune “Third Degree”.

The songs serve in a large part as a showcase for Roger’s guitar expertise. The instrumental “Tribute To Danny” does just that as he displays various textures of his repertoire. The elongated “Third Degree” and “By My Side” also allow him to stretch out.

As live concerts are still limited, give yourself a dose of what an experience a rockin’ live performance can be. The rhythm section locks in with Roger at every twist and turn. He has lost none of his energy and grit over the years as witnessed by the more recent ‘Live At Madlife’. Plenty of blues-rock energy abounds within. Crank ‘er up for your own rockin’ good time.

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