Reverend Rusty & The Case – Rough Times | Album Review

Reverend Rusty & The Case – Rough Times

self release

12 songs time-54:36

Reverend Rusty & The Case from Germany are basically a blues-rock trio configuration whose music is tempered by blues, straight ahead rock, country and yes, reggae. The good reverend handles the stringed instruments, particularly electric guitar. Unfortunately his vocals aren’t very distinctive, but have a rough hewn quality that suits this music. Whatever his short comings as a vocalist his abilities on guitar are impressive. The rhythm section of Al Wood on drums and Mr. C.P. on bass supply a very sturdy back bone to their sound. This CD is a commentary on the human condition, whether of the global or personal variety.

The title track bemoans the financial and environmental state of the world over a rocking groove. The refrain gets a bit too repetitious for my liking. “Back To The Blues” is classic wah-wah fueled energetic blues-rock. Now for the reggae portion of our program-“Good Morning”. A very well conceived attempt at the genre featuring nicely melodic guitar. A spirited love song.

Now a jolt of reality in “Time Is Tickin'”. The age old sentiment of don’t waste your precious time here on the planet. Rev. Rusty’s slithering slide guitar cushions the blow. “Everybody’s Darling” has a succinct message-“If you don’t like my music if you don’t like my sound, please do me a favor don’t come around”. With a blistering guitar attack on this one, what’s not to like?

“Hand To Mouth” takes us into “Debbie Downer” territory, but the saving grace is that it’s over a super catchy riff. Banjo and mandolin give a country feel to the un-subtle “Hey Bitch”, a dressing down of the narrator’s girl. Yee hah! Oy to the vey! “When The Sun Goes Down” is slow blues guitar meets blues-rock guitar meets a blues tuba solo. The otherwise boring “Rock ‘N’ Roll” has prominent bass and ringing guitar.

Charging wah-wah guitar and a commanding bass solo power “I Can’t Escape”. The slow and moody acoustic slide guitar instrumental “Summerblues” closes things out on a beautifully mellow note.

A good effort featuring a variety of influences, thirty years into their career they must be doing something right. Reverend Rusty possesses guitar chops and energy to spare in his capable hands. His trusty cohorts give him a sturdy foundation to build upon. Their music will help get their listeners through these “Rough Times”

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