Reloaded – My Longest Mile | Album Review

Reloaded – My Longest Mile

Bluestown Records

10 songs time – 39:31

Although this Norwegian band is touted in their promo sheet as a blues-rock outfit, the music of Reloaded is attitude rock headed by the sassy and brassy vocals of Heidi Blasma. They boast the classic rock line up-guitar, bass, keyboards and drums. The band rocks strong and hard behind Heidi, who also penned all the songs. Three guest artists are listed, but their is no indication of what they contribute. At times her slight accent hinders the comprehension of the lyrics, but no biggie.

The poppy rock of “Bigger Balls” includes the oft repeated line-“I’m hazy, I’m woozy”. The band drives the song along nicely. A really forceful vocal delivery and a catchy guitar riff along with lyrics with plenty of attitude infuse “Saturday Night Diva”. Atmospheric acoustic slide guitar gives way to electric slide and organ on the title tune. We get to fully appreciate Heidi’s throaty and authoritative pipes here. A hearty rhythm and gritty slide propels the nicely noisy “Devil’s Kiss”, as Heidi talk-sings her way through.

Hans Trasti Isaken once again unleashes his wicked slide work to breath life into the muscular “Up Yours”. “Majority’s Mask” is some sort of a political statement. “Listen Now” slows down the pace in this guitar charged rocker. A tough vocal paired with an irresistible riff makes “Definitely Maybe Baby” a sure fire keeper. A sassy vocal imbues the narrator’s tale of being born a mistake in the hard luck saga of “Born Without Rhythm”. The slow, simmering burner “I Pray For You” wraps up this rockin’ CD. “When you pray for rain, you gotta deal with the mud too”.

A tough rocker vibe is the gist of the sound found here. Gritty vocals get a sturdy foundation by this first rate band. The entire proceedings have an air of intrigue hanging over them. It’s like a breath of fresh air.

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