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redsbluescdRed’s Blues – Red’s Blues

Little Red Records (Self Released)

12 tracks

Red’s Blues is a great little band from the Sacramento area.  Featuring Elizabeth Reid-Grigsby on vocals, her husband RW Grigsby on bass and vocals, Robert Sidwell on guitar and Larry Carr on drums, they have a slow and melodious sound that is all their own.  Mixing originals with tasteful covers, the band has a unique approach that blues fans can savor.

“Sally Lou” is a jumping little original ditty where Beth sings in a laid back fashion, Sidwell struts his tuff on guitar and Grigsby and Carr lay out a swell little groove.  Cocuzzi’s tinkles out the piano line aptly, a nice team effort.  “No More Doggin’” is a Roscoe Gordon cut and features Rick Estrin on harp. Beth is again restrained and almost hush hush in her approach as they shuffle together.  Estrin and Sidwell play off each other  in this simple yet effective tune. 

Mark Hummel takes on harp duties for “The Golden Rule;” the organ makes its’ first appearance here, too.  Another  mid-tempo swing, the band is obviously in their comfort zone here in this cover.  Memphis Minnie’s “My Girlish Days” appears next.  Nice, slow blues as Estrin returns front and center on the harp.    “Sherry and Ray” also features Estrin on this original tune.  “Detroit Blues” has hubby R.W. on lead vocals with Liz backing him.  Another mid-tempo shuffle, Hummel joins in blowing some mean harp.  Metered and precise, the band has this groove down to a science.

Kansas Joe McCoy’s sultry “Why Don’t You Do Right” is up next and Beth delivers a fine performance crooning this one to us. Lots of restraint is demonstrated  all around here as the takes a jazzy tact with this cover.  R.W. walks up and down the neck of his bass and Sidewell  lays out some good lead licks, too.  Mark Hummel offers up “Ain’t Worried No More” and does a nice intro.  Beth comes in and does her stuff in a slow shuffle.  “Blues is Everywhere”  goes back to the slow blues as Liz growls at the base of her register  on this Memphis Slim tune. 

The original “Sherry Ann” follows and R.W. and Beth harmonize a bit as R.W. takes the lead here.  Nice piano here again. “Don’t Waste My Time” concludes things in similar fashion as they stay mid-tempo.  An original tune, Beth stays true to form and Steve Randall appears on lead guitar with a bright, strutting tone and pace.  A bonus 12th track is a sweet instrumental that is a gem unto itself.

I liked the album  and understand the sound and style they are trying to produce.  The songs offered up here are mellow and range from slow blues to mid tempo swing.

I would have liked to see a couple of real up tempo cuts to offer a little more variety, but Beth, her husband and band have a thing going on and they are tight.  If that’s your cup of tea, it will be a tasty one- I enjoyed Red’s Blues and those who appreciate a band with a mellow, swinging sound will, too.

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