Ralli Rock & The Moan of the Sky – To Bring To Light | Album Review

Ralli Rock & The Moan of the Sky – To Bring To Light

Contra Music Production


7 tracks

Ralli Rock & The Moan of the Sky are an angst filled, big time rock band with a throw back sound.  Ralli Rock is gravelly voiced vocalist with pipes filled with anger and emotion and a heavy hand on guitar.    It’s mostly solo work as he fills in on drums, piano, bass, organ, and synthetic strings.  He gets some help from Mr. Bowman on drums, Se Linder on bass and backing vocals, and R,J. Schrey on keys.  Borther in law  Ralf Rabenborn is also credited with unspecified assistance.

More of an EP than LP, the seven songs run 36 minutes which is longer than many rock albums of my youth.  The venture begins with “Healer,” a rock cut with a moderate beat and howling vocals and guitar.  The second cut is “Walk on Water Again,” a cut about despair and hope.  Another passionate mid-tempo rocker, Ralli Rock demonstrates his prowess as a guitar slinger once again. “Swallow the Bait” is a huge rocker with some stinging guitar solo and work on top of impassioned vocals. More despair in the rock ballad “2nd Soul” follows.  The synthesized sounds add an almost church-like effect to the piece.

Side B begins with “The Blues Within,” which approaches being a blues song but really is a heavy blues rock cut.  Slow blues in a way, but the vocals, guitar and piano make it a more of a rock feel.  “Black Hole Blues” uses the “B” word again, but it’s a hard rocker styled after 1970’s rock. Larger than life vocals and effects, strident, heavy guitar feel more like Black Sabbath than Muddy Waters. “Let a Little Light Shine In” concludes the set and begins with a simple piano intro.  Ralli Rock comes in with a solemn vocal line and organ and gives a glimmer of hope in the lyrics.  The song builds and goes into an extended guitar anthem-styled solo to conclude with.

The album is a dark themed, hard rock album.  The influence of the blues is buried deeply within; certainly Ralli Rock’s style of singing and play say rock. It’s heavy and dark stuff and if you are looking for that then this is your album.  Ralli has distorted effects layers into the vocals witch play into the desperation discussed in the lyrics.  The guitar attacks and adds to the deep and dark feeling of the songs.  It pretty good in that respect, but once again it’s not blues at all.

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