Paul Stott Group -Things Stay The Same | Album Review

paulstottcdPaul Stott Group – Things Stay The Same

Self Release

10 songs time – 48:10

This Orlando, Florida based band provide pretty standard bar-band blues with a southern rock influence. They are a four-piece with vocals-harmonica, guitar, bass and drums. Nothing too out of the ordinary, but the harmonica player and guitarist have their moments. The guitar solos are of the blues-rock variety. They offer a mix of covers and originals.

The album was recorded live at The Alley Blues Bar in Sanford Florida but you hear virtually no audience noise or applause. It just wasn’t recorded. The band occasionally talks to an audience that doesn’t respond. The band is competent and the instruments are clearly separated…more so than I’ve ever heard.

Richard Plates’ throaty voice sounds a bit worn out on the title tune, but moves to a rough sound that fits the songs. “I Can Tell” brings to mind the southern-rock-blues of Wet Willie. A cover of Muddy Waters’ “I’m Ready” features some skilled blues-rock guitar soloing.

Their version of “Pawn Shop” is commendable. Their cover of The Staples Singers “I’ll Take You There” sounds like a song that would excite the audience, if we could only hear them. Gary Martin provides a tasty bass solo and all the guys offer up solos. The original “Blow Wind Blow” is a good blues song.

The standout track, and apparently the only studio track, “Jax N Kax” is an instrumental featuring guitar with an interesting tone. Two guitar parts are featured. It’s just too bad that they saved something imaginative sounding until the end.

Their is nothing bad in the playing in this recording, just nothing that we haven’t heard thousands of times. As witnessed in the closing track, these guys are capable of producing more unusual and compelling music. Hopefully the band will progress musically and production wise.

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