Patrik Jansson – Game Changer | Album Review

Patrik Jansson – Game Changer

Sneaky Foot Records

11 songs time – 50:05

This will be my third time reviewing the Swedish guitarist-singer-songwriter and in this instance he is close to a one-man band as he plays everything except horns and harmonica. This is still primarily a guitar focused endeavor, an instrument that he is very adept at. I guess I would refer to his vocals as serviceable and appropriate for the largely rock attitude he infuses in the songs. As usual he wrote all the songs. The subjects are mainly the affairs of the heart, good or bad. He visits various genres, at times blending them.

Things get off to a heavy-handed and noisy start on “I Still Want You”. He tears off some blistering, distorted guitar over a wash of Hammond organ. His vocal here is commanding. A bit of horns appear near the songs end. Mellow, ringing guitar support rather mundane lyrics on “A Wonder Of Nature”, a loving description of his love. Intense soloing brings the song to an end.

Lovely, distorted slide guitar dukes it out with Jesper Larsson’s wandering harmonica in the energetic “Feel Bad Boogie”. The first of two instrumentals, “Rays Of The Sun”, sees Leslie guitar floating out soothing melodies. The other instrumental, “Something’s Got To Give”, surveys funk territory with guitar cutting through the horn onslaught that features a sax solo by Tommy Scheller that ignites as it progresses.

Ya Man! He has the reggae vibe down pat via the chunky rhythms, organ and horns to achieve a believable reggae sound in a tune about appreciation. The narrator tells his girl to buzz off in no uncertain terms that is punctuated by fleet-fingered guitar action on the forceful “Leave Me Alone”. A Rolling Stones influenced “herky-jerky guitar rhythm infuses the funky “Got To Take A Stand”. More Leslie guitar and a prominent bass create an urgent quality on “Hurts To See You Go”. Patrik takes it out on an atmospheric and pensive note with “Know Where I Belong” as he squeezes out every emotion from his guitar.

Even with him handling most of the instruments, Patrik still maintains a sturdy, mainly rock, blues-rock foundation. His music is approached in a professional manner, with attention to every detail due to Patrik’s production skills. If gritty, and at times soul-searching music appeals to you, you have come to the right place.

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