Patrik Jansson Band – IV | Album Review

Patrik Jansson Band – IV

Sneaky Foot Records

9 songs time – 42:17

Semi-Deja Vu here as I reviewed the band’s previous CD ‘So Far To Go’. This top notch Swedish outfit retain the same high level of musicianship but this time out there is no outside help such as horns or a harmonica player. It is solely the four band members performing Patrik’s original songs. Besides Patrik on guitar and vocals there is Lars Eriksson on keyboards, Thomas Andersson on bass and Martin Forsstedt behind the drum kit. Blues-rock meets the blues with an occasional touch of jazz overtones. Patrik’s expressive vocals remain a constant.

Things get off on good footing with the lead-off track “She Ain’t Gonna Come Back Any More” with it’s funky jazzed-up vibe, prominent bass line, cool organ and razor sharp guitar attack. “A Love Like Yours” kicks in with it’s smooth groove shuffle. Patrik’s guitar here is bluesy with a light touch. Cocktail lounge piano and slow and deliberate guitar glide through “Love Will Find A Way”.

Breezy jazz takes over for the instrumental “She Said What?”. Chicago style blues is the recipe for “Play Me The Blues”. Bouncy piano moves it along nicely in compliment to fleet-fingered guitar. A moody and atmospheric mysterious night vibe is conjured up in the slow “Only The Lonely”. The plaintive “Nothing But The Blues” ends the disc on a pensive note with it’s yearning guitar pushing the song through.

Blues-rock is alive and well in the hands of this Swedish bunch of top-notch purveyor’s of the genre. Their treatment veers more towards blues than some other outfits. Cool jazz is interjected at times as well. Each of the four members is first class on their given instruments. Patrik’s fluent guitar playing is complimented by the commanding keyboard skills of Lars Eriksson, the distinct contributions of Thomas Andersson on bass and Martin Forsstedt on drums. The talent is spread pretty evenly throughout. Along with his ample guitar skills Patrik handles the self-assured vocals, all songwriting, arranging and production.

A category description isn’t really applicable here. If you are an appreciator of well crafted and performed enjoyable music, you have arrived at the right place. Dig in music lovers!

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