Ole Frimer Band – Live In Eppingen | Album Review

Ole Frimer Band – Live In Eppingen


Katti Records

8 songs time – 49:14

Danish guitar wiz Ole Frimer’s got the guitar gift. Blues-rock, blues or jazzing it up at times live at The Eppingen Jazz Festival in Germany. Plus a three piece band that is on the money. Ole is a first class guitarist as well as possessing a warmly husky voice. Niels Ole Thorning is a virtual keyboard wizard. All this backed by a spot on rhythm section. Half covers and half original songs all done up in fine fashion.

Ole’s guitar reaches for the highest highs ala Jeff Beck and Robin Trower on the original instrumental “The Clearing”. What sounds like the organ being turned on followed by a brief snare shuffle leads into a melodic and atmospheric burst of guitar Nirvana with bits of piano and organ. “Sheltered Roads” is our first introduction to Ole’s warm husky voice. Keyboards compliment the ringing guitar. Eddie Boyd’s “The Blues Is Here To Stay” one of the three blues songs on this disc. Niels Ole Thorning contributes a tasty turn on blues piano.

Here’s a nifty one for you sports fans…”Single City” is sung in Danish with the translation on the CD sleeve. Guitar and organ play in unison and it also features a nicely toned guitar riff. The Eric Clapton-Robert Cray penned “Old Love” is long and slow and includes a nicely done piano solo. The Albert Collins song written by his wife Gwendolyn “Got A Mind To Travel” is given a bit of a jazzy flair. Ole presents a close approximation of Jeff Beck’s style on Beck’s “Brush With The Blues” that captures Beck’s intensity.

The band’s live sound is captured perfectly with clear separation of instruments. Needless to say the playing by all those involved is top notch. Ole leads the way with his versatile command of his guitar and vocals. All the songs are executed in a truly professional manner.

This is one fine effort that shouldn’t be ignored by any discerning music buff.

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