Misty Blues – Pickled & Aged | Album Review

Misty Blues – Pickled & Aged


self release

11 songs time – 44:57

From deep in the heart of Berkshire County, Massachusetts comes Misty Blues celebrating their 20th anniversary with this their 8th studio album. Fronted by Gina Coleman, this is a band dead set on kickin’ some joyful ass with their boisterous blend of rhythm & blues, blues, funk and jazz. From Gina’s throaty vocals down to the interaction of guitar, keyboards, sax, trumpet, bass and drums this is a musical brew that is sure to satisfy. Gina penned eight of the eleven songs with the remainder being from the hands of band members. Each and everyone a gem.

Old timey blues ala Bessie Smith, Big Mama Thorton and the like inform the rollicking barrelhouse vibe of “Spilt Whiskey”. Banjo, piano trumpet, tuba and what sounds like a clarinet. An ode to “Our Traveling Blues” is one funky, upbeat good time that features Benny Kohn’s piano and Jason Webster on guitar. Gina’s voice gets extra full throated and guttural on the jumping groove of “Let Them Blues”.

“You Thought I Would Fall” is a “Good “riddins” to bad rubbish” slice of bluesy R&B. Ms. Coleman seems to have a penchant for “the spirits” as witnessed on her second of three songs in tribute to the demon alcohol “Sweet Sweet Bourbon”. The band delivers a jazzy R&B instrumental in “It’s A Jungle Out There”. The guitar and saxophone attack on “Take A Long Ride” ebbs and flows.

The upbeat R&B and Professor Longhair style piano along with sax on “Chicago To Memphis” ensure a pleasurable journey for the listener. The shuffling “Mountain Dew” is the last in the trilogy of drinking tunes. Jason Webster takes over the vocal duties for “Need More”, which is ok but it makes you miss Gina. Benny Kohn switches to electric piano for this one. It’s party time as the band closes out with the “Let The Good Times Roll” of “Stoop Stomp”.

It’s a virtual barrel of musicality here from the subject matter and lyrics to the feel good vibe of the musicians. They bring the juke joint into the future. The thing to do would be to take Gina’s advice to heart and pour a stiff one and crank this puppy up.

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