Misty Blues – One Louder | Album Review

Misty Blues – One Louder

Lunaria Records


11 songs time – 48:40

It’s my genuine pleasure to review Misty Blues’ current CD after having reviewed their marvelous Pickled And Aged CD. The creativity and spirit of the band just keeps chugging along. Gina’s musical vision and creative spark remains intact and ever evolving. In a more perfect world they would be a household name, but silly rabbits, they are compelled to create real music instead of much of the drivel that today passes for music. As usual they delve into a riveting blend of musical genres. The jumping off point is rhythm & blues accented with blues, funk, jazz and God knows what else. The commanding pipes of Gina Coleman take the lead over the talented group of musicians gathered here for this project. Ten of the eleven tracks are either written or co-written by Gina. Her co-writers are Diego Mongue, Ed Moran, Seth Fleischmann and Ben Kohn. A host of emotions and vibes are visited along this musical adventure.

An acoustic slide guitar-piano intro give way to the gospel infused and intense “A Long Hard Way”. The electric slide guitar of Seth Fleischmann along with Aaron Dean’s sax go neck and neck to propel the breakneck speed of “Freight Car” as it speeds down the track. Aaron Dean on sax and Bill Patriquin on trumpet bring up the rear with a frantic horn duel. The vocals on “How The Blues Feels” are shared with Big Llou Johnson. Bob Stannard lends his harmonica skills to the tune. Ben Kohn lets loose on some funked-up organ goodness. Once again the skittering horn section of Dean and Patriquin drive the infectious “This Life We Live“.

Lonesome acoustic down-home blues guitar lends “Birch Tree” a hauntingly atmospheric tone. All along these songs benefit from Gina Coleman’s deeply felt and soulful vocal delivery. Gina visits the throatier range of her voice on “Leave My Home”. The conviction in her voice here makes you want to get yourself up and haul ass. the horn section of Bill Patriquin on trumpet, Aaron Dean on sax and Chris Rand on bari sax punch up the groove and add depth to the song. Ben Kohn adds a taste of his funky organ. For the lack of a better word, “Hit You Back” is just catchy as all get out, down to the funky slide guitar of Seth Fleischmann, Ben Kohn on organ and omnipresent sax of Aaron Dean. The band ventures down to New Orleans via an assist by accordion man David Vittone and Professor Longhair style piano by keyboard master Ben Kohn on “Seal Of Fate”. Drummer Rob Tatten just nails the New Orleans shuffling drum pattern.

“I’m A Grinder” is a sexy, moody slice of simmering R&B. Gina’s vocal is plain seductive. Diego Mongue’s bass funks it up nicely, while Ben Kohn’s organ and the horn section liven things up. Most of the band joins in on unison vocalizations on the funky and jazzy percussion and organ driven “Do My Thing”. the inclusion of Yahuba Garcia on percussion bolsters the funk element with the help of Ben Kohn’s tasty organ sounds. Ben Kohn once again helps Gina out with the vocals while blues guitar stalwart Joe Louis Walker supplies his commanding lead guitar skills on the intense “Take A Long Ride” to cap off the recording. The horn section ably supports one of Gina’s most soulful and heartfelt vocals found on this recording.

The “Energizer Bunny” of modern R&B and blues shows no signs slowing down their creative output. Gina and her cohorts manage once again to conjure up a satisfying performance that deserves a much larger audience in a perfect world. Everyone will enjoy this group of super players and their music.

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