Milky Whites And The Bluesmen – Texas Drivin’ Blues | Album Review

milkywhitescdMilky Whites And The Bluesmen –¬†Texas Drivin’ Blues

Riff Productions

12 songs time-51:10

If you have a hankerin’ for Texas style blues-rock with a macho testosterone attitude done up by a bunch of guys from Canada, you’ve come to the right place. Milky Whites and his “Bluesmen” serve up a heapin’ helpin’ of songs ’bout women, cars and guitars, something of their own version of Z.Z. Top, complete with babes posing on the cover and inserts. Milky handles the main guitar chores with the best of blues-guitar slingers. His “singing” ranges from “Who hit me in the throat?” to a gruff and stiff delivery. His backing players on drums, bass, sax, clarinet and backing vocals serve their purpose fine. This music isn’t about creative song construction, it’s about wailing guitars and tough guy attitude.

The CD begins with part one of three parts of “It’s Me…No It’s You” that are short spoken snippets over guitar and bass that are pretty dumb and leave you with nine songs. “Bluesday” introduces us to really hoarse vocals along with well played guitar and slide guitar. “Billy And Those Blue Dress Blues” features a fine guitar display and nifty sax from Dan Jancar. It’s a sh*t-kicker typical of the Canadian Texan. “Texas Drivin’ Blues” is, uh, a song about macho driving that features Milky’s usual fine, take charge guitar playing.

The over long “When I Dance With You Baby” is a slow duet with Maddi that amounts to a showcase for guitar and Dan Jancar’s sax playing. The vocal on “Strange Emotions” is less harsh with electric and acoustic slide guitar. One of a million “They can’t take away your dreams’ songs. The dirge-like “I’m Tired Of People Dying” sounds like the singer is next. The life of a “bluesman” is portrayed on “Tomfoolery”, that is powered by Milky’ guitar and Sonny Stone on saxes.

“Funk U” is basically an instrumental except for chants of “funk you”. It’s just what the name implies, a nicely funky workout on guitar and sax with some tricky bass playing by Ed Blockland towards song’s end. “I Told Him Not To Take The Turn” is kinda a Canadian Texan version of Meat Loaf that includes some fluid slide guitar.

Their you have it music lovers, check your brain at the door and strap yourself in for some screamin’ guitars in the hands of a guy who knows his way around a guitar. Well partners I think I best be moseying along, I got strong hankerin’ for some armadillo stew with a side of Canadian bacon.

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