Mike Brookfield – Brookfield | Album Review

Mike Brookfield – Brookfield


Golden Rule Records

11 songs time – 48:26

Dublin Ireland based blues-rock guitarist Mike Brookfield would make recording innovator Les Paul very proud as he utilizes Les’ over dubbing technique to the nth degree with his layering of guitar parts to create a very satisfying guitar album. His arranging skills produce very pleasing textures in his music. His more than adequate voice seals the deal. The only other musician on the CD is drummer Andrew Lavery. Mike composed all the music while former drummer-lyricist with the legendary Celtic rock band Horslips, Eamon Carr contributed the imaginative lyrics. The songs are an amalgamation of blues-rock, rock, pop and a smattering of blues.

Multi layered acoustic and electric guitars inform the spiritual bent of “A Message For Willie Johnson. The electric leads just sing out clear as the proverbial bell. “Beaten To Death By The Blues” seems to be an ode to an unspecified tragic music figure delivered with blues-rock grit. If you haven’t had enough of zombies, have we got a zombie song for you-“Zombie Craze”. Some blues feel shows up in “Suitcase Blues”. It’s not over until it’s over is the sentiment of “Don’t Close The Gates”, a song empowered by some nifty slide guitar. Atmospheric crazed guitars serve as the intro to the wah-wah infused “Living In A Better World”.

“Letter From The Devil” touches on corrupt politicians and such. Ladies and gentlemen it’s crunch time-welcome to “Hi Class Shoes”. Distorted rhythm guitar underpins some wicked slide guitar. Sadly “Gun Crime” is a fitting song for our current state of affairs. I don’t quite get the lyric-“Gun crime is outta control, I still shoot ’em full of rock and roll”. Comes off kind of flippant to me. “Written In Chains” begins life as a slow dirge then goes out in a blaze of guitar glory.

You say you’re looking for a slice of guitar heaven? No need to look any further. This guy has an arsenal of guitar licks that just won’t quit. It’s all put together so well. Not only is Mike a guitar wiz, he handles the production chores. Even when things get a bit heavy, the music never sinks into muddled guitar noise. This guy has got a definite handle on how to piece together guitar parts in just the right way. Drummer Andrew Lavery supplies the necessary “oomph” to support the guitar assault on your senses. Blues-rock in the right hands can be a powerful force, Mike Brookfield has the right hands.

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