Michael Mills – Dream A Dream | Album Review

Michael Mills – Dream A Dream

Self Released


5 tracks/19 minutes

The Michael Mills Band hails from Huntington Beach, California and has a big, rocking blues sound. Fronted by Mills on vocals and guitar, the band is Jesse Godny on guitar, Anthony Hass on bass, David Warrick Jones on keys and Frank Cotinola.  Featuring a stinging and vibrant guitar sound and strident vocals, they appear to be a fine band who I am pleased to have become acquainted with this CD.

The album opens with “My New Woman,” a blazing hot blues rock number with nice vocals and some big guitar solo work. The vocals are well done and a group of backing vocalists do some harmonies and a little call and response.  “Baby I’m Your Man” is a blues rock ballad that contrasts the quick tempo-ed opener.  Mills does not lay off the guitar and offers us another vibrant solo to enjoy.  He sings with passion here and the backing vocalists again help out.

The title track picks the beat up a notch as Mills remains forthright on vocals.  Another short solo of guitar features some pedal work to make it interesting and he closes with a bit more of it. “Trying’To Forget You Baby” goes more to the slow blues side of things with a soulful guitar and vocals.  Mills offers up some mournful sounds with his singing and the guitar matches them nicely. Moe stratospheric soloing on the guitar here, too. “Fade Away” has an added and uncredited horn section and is a slower piece with a nice bluesy feel. we get a sweet tenor sax solo and the horns with the guitars are arranged and blend well.  All in all a nice set of original tunes! Mills has a powerful voice and matches it with a big and vibrant sound on his and the other guitar.

I enjoyed Michael Mills and his band’s first release.  They remind me a bit of an edgier and bluesier Loggins and Messina at times.  It certainly is more rock than blues in a few of the numbers, but it’s well done and I enjoyed it.  This CD is well worth a spin and a visit to their show if they come your way!

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