Micart – Self Titled | Album Review

Micart – Self Titled


Hicktown Records

songs – 11  time – 46:28

If you were a fan of the light weight pop music from the sixties such as Every Mother’s Son, Harper’s Bazarre or The Monkees, have I got a German band for you with a “white bread” singer void of an accent. One plus is that they have an excellent guitarist in singer Mick B. Hardt. The rhythm section is solid and several guests contribute lap steel, dobro, accordion blues harp, percussion and backing vocals. The ten out of eleven original songs contain pretty mundane lyrical content. Micart is mostly pop with a few country-fied songs thrown in.

“Beautiful Smile” is pretty much a throw away slice of pop fluff with some Chuck Berry style guitar. The light weight “Ain’t Good Enough” could be David Cassidy. The vocals on “You’re Close” remind of Bare Naked Ladies sans the humor. The lone cover song “Country Memories” sounds like John Denver backed up by dobro and lap steel. More in the way of country style in “Head Over Heels” that features some nicely melodic guitar work.

“Too Busy”(Gettin’ Drunk) might be what The Monkees would sound like doing a drinking song. “Why” has some good accordion playing courtesy of Sonja Schroth. This song tends to be a tad too repetitive. The amusing title of “Zihuatanejo” is about prison life that includes a neat guitar riff. Acoustic and electric guitar are the sole instruments on “Missing You”. “I’m a missing you”.

No blues to be found but if rather light weight happy music is your thing, here you go. It’s an interesting throw back to a sixties vibe. It is a refreshing style of music not often heard in these modern times. The quality of the musicianship, Mick B. Hardt in particular, that give this recording credibility. Close your eyes and envision the band playing their pop tunes on American Bandstand or The Hollywood Palace. Whatever your take on this music is, it is a fun throw back to ones’ youth.

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