Matyas Pribojszki Band – My Stories | Album Review

matyaspribojskcdMatyas Pribojszki Band – My Stories

Self-Release – 2016

12 tracks; 59 minutes

Once again showing that the blues has no geographical boundaries, here is Hungarian Matyas Pribojszki with his latest album. Matyas has been recording since the late 1990’s and wrote all bar one track on this disc. The band is Matyas on harp and vocals, Ferenc Szasz on guitar, Laszlo Csizmadia on bass and Daniel Molnar on drums but there are several guests, including Americans Charlie Musselwhite, Bob Margolin and Andy J. Forest. The album was recorded in Hungary but mixed in California by Kid Andersen who also added guitar to one cut.

Matyas lays out some of his journey as he tells of travelling through the states to some of the homes of the blues on opener “Memphis Soul”, a pleasant tune with good harp from Matyas and a soulful vocal duet chorus with Little G Weevil. Matyas does sing with an accent but this does not overly detract from the disc. Raphael Wressnig adds Hammond to the extended “Come On Baby”, Ferenc playing some funky rhythm guitar, and Charlie Musselwhite adds his distinctive harp tones to “Fat Mama Boogie”, a song that definitely ignores political correctness as Matyas extols the virtues of the larger lady, Ferenc playing some great guitar on this fast-paced romp. The pounding boogie on “Can’t Make You Stay” finds Matyas blowing up a storm on harp as he sings through the harp mike, Bob Margolin guesting on guitar. Zoltan Nemes adds piano to two tracks, including the delicate ballad “Soul Stealin’ Mama” which also features the splendidly named Ripoff Raskolnikov on guitar and vocals. Kid Andersen’s guitar is featured on the driving boogie of “Bad Weather Blues Again” before the autobiographical title track “My Story” brings a more acoustic feel to the proceedings with some nice picking by Ferenc.

“Banging On Your Door” adds Lisa Andersen’s backing vocals and Zoltan’s accordion which brings a touch of Louisiana, the song suiting Matyas’ voice particularly well to these ears. “Travelling Mood” was a 1955 song from James ‘Wee Willie’ Wayne; Matyas’ version has a backporch feel with Bill Barrett playing chromatic harmonica and Ryan Donohue on guitar, both adding backing vocals. Matyas returns to faster-paced material with the instrumental “Belaton Boogie” which provides an excellent vehicle for his harp skills and also shows what a solid band he has behind him as the rhythm section is locked in throughout and Ferenc plays some subtle supporting guitar behind Matyas. “Full Time Baby” has a rockabilly feel though there does not seem to be a need for the harp mike vocal as yet another harp player Andy J Forest guests. The album closes with a heartfelt but perhaps overly long tribute to Matyas’ late father “Blues For My Daddy”, a slow tune which gives plenty of space to Matyas’ doleful harp and solo opportunity to Ferenc whose clean guitar lines fit the feel of the track very well.

This is a CD well worth seeking out, especially for harp fans who will enjoy both Matyas’ playing and that of his harmonica guests.

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