Matt And The Strangers – Burning | Album Review

Matt And The Strangers –¬†Burning

Fox Music Publishing

9 songs time-46:37

German Hendrix inspired psychedelic blues-rock guitarist-singer Matt Kraft uses the Jimi vibe as a jumping off point for his blazing six-string antics. The lyrics all composed by Matt seem more like an after thought, as his songs are more like a vehicle for his guitar assault ably abetted by his trusty rhythm section of Marcel on drums and Tim on bass. No last names used here in power trio land. It’s these three with no outside help and they cut a wide swath through super-charged blues-rock guitar land. Picture Matt’s vocals as if he where the German Mick Jagger with at times a slurred accent that renders some lyrics incomprehensible.

The songs within vary from Hendrix inspired riff driven tunes to songs styled after Hendrix’ dreamy, floating mode. The brief dreamy guitar only interlude “Missing” inspired by you know who leads into the title track and further spacey grooves. The rhythm section hangs on with Matt at every turn. A few of the songs’ subjects are a bit baffling to me like “No Chance For Sideburns”. Huh? Ya got me on that one, something about once he had a mojo. I have no clue as to what “Red Inspiration” is, but once again this CD is more about Matt’s dexterity on guitar. For some reason the opening guitar coda to “You’re Alright” reminds me of the French nursery rhyme song “Frere Jacques” that I learned early on in my schooling. When he says “I know girl, you’re alright” I hear “Isle girl, you’re alright”.

“I’ve Got An Angel” is the first slow and moody J.H. piece here. As elsewhere Matt uses the influence as a foundation to build his own imaginative songs on, he never copies. He does this much in the way Robin Trower does. “You’re The One” utilizes layered guitar tracks much in the way he does throughout, creating a beautiful guitar wonderland.

Put this CD on and let the amazing guitar textures take you away on a Jimi Hendrix inspired cloud. Every device the master used is incorporated in this album-plenty of string-bending, wah-wah, distortion and effects of every description. In the hands of a skilled musician such as Matt these things are used to create something, not as an attention getting tool. With bands like this blues-rock will surely continue to flourish world wide. Crank this baby up and blow purple clouds of guitar nirvana out of your speakers.

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