Matays Pribojszki Band – Treat | Album Review

matyaspribojszkibandcdMatyas Pribojszki Band – Treat

Self released – 2013

Twelve Tracks with a total running time of 40.16

“Matyas is an impressive virtuoso harmonica player and has an original style. He also has a very nice singing voice, and his band kicks the ass of many US bands!” (Rick Estrin 2013); which is quite a recommendation from one of the masters of the Blues.

This recording contains seven original songs with five tasteful covers that will leave you quite satisfied if you are a lover of harmonica Blues. The musicians are Matyas Pribojszki – vocals and harmonica, Erik Kovacs – piano and keyboards, Ferenc Szasz – guitars, Ervin Eckert – bass, Daniel Molnar – drums and special guest Gabi Szucs – background vocals on track 5.

Track 1, “Zydecola Boogie” is a fast paced boogie that showcases Pribojszki’s chops on the “Mississippi saxophone”. This one will get you up out of your chair.

Track 2, “Real Good Man” lets you know that this is a tight band with tasty licks from Szasz on guitar, Kovacs on piano and of course the band’s namesake on vocals and harp. This tune is reminiscent of some of William Clarke’s early recordings. There is a great video of this song on the band’s web site.

On track 4, a faced paced version of “Farmer John” (by D. Harris and D. Terry) Szasz again kicks it on guitar and Pribojszki’s voice growls and moans again somewhat like William Clarke.

“Goobie Boogie” (Track 8) is an instrumental written and performed with near perfection by Erik Kovacs. It is the only track with no harmonica and still works well in this recording.

“My Little Angel” (Track 11) is a Blues rocker with some piano boogie mixed in. While clocking in at only 2:33 this is a strong song that puts one in the mind of the late, great Paul Delay. (Sure do miss that guy!)

All in all this is a solid outing from another relatively unknown Blues band. The only major downside would be that the longest song is a few seconds over four minutes with most around three minutes and two under three minutes which is barely enough time to develop an appreciation for this band’s talents.

The band formed in 2004 and this would be their fourth recording. While Matyas Pribojszki Band may not be a household Blues band name in the States they play many festivals across the pond in places like Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, etc. and if you would like to see the band perform live anytime soon that is where you will have to go to do so.

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