Magnus Berg – In My Shoes | Album Review

Magnus Berg – In My Shoes

Drabant Music

10 songs time-42:40

Norwegian guitar slinger-singer Magnus Berg covers blues-rock, funk, R&B, soul and who knows what else all the while displaying his massive guitar skills. Performing largely as a power trio with occasional outside help, they get the job done. Bo Berg on bass and Tomas Pettersen on drums don’t serve as serviceable back up players, but are a strong part of the sounds attained here. Magnus composed all the songs with assistance on three. The music goes from a total aural onslaught to more mellow moments. Magnus handles the vocals with stylized coolness.

The appropriately titled “Intro” kicks in as a high intensity instrumental with a fusion vibe owing a bit to John McLaughlin and his ilk. Magnus pulls out some crystal clear stinging blues-rockin’ guitar on the funky “Not The One You Want” that includes a bit of falsetto soul singing. Magnus supplies his own background vocalizing on “Gone”. The bass playing of Bo Berg takes on an almost lead role with his strong playing here along with Magnus’s usual spot on guitar skills. Knut Hem’s dobro and Magnus’s electric slide segue into a Little Feat style way cool funky vibe on “Ain’t That Bad”.

Johnny Winter-ish electric slide as well as a bit of his grit in the vocals propels the blues-rock meets blues on the herky-jerky goodness of “Shitkickers”. Moody and beautiful guitar permeates “Moment” along with a heavy tom-tom beat. A depressing subject set over luscious music. Kristian Wentzel closes it out with a brief piano solo. The title tune is a slow simmering ballad. Bluesy guitar makes an appearance. Heavy Free-Bad Company distorted power chords kick off “You’re Mine”. Magnus conjures up a hearty growl for this one to compliment the powerful rockin’ guitar.

“Tell You Something” is a heavy riffing one with a bit of skittering guitar. “Make A Man A Fool” is a chugging boogie fueled gem that gets some rockabilly infused guitar playing.

If you’re in the market for guitar based blues-rock tempered with funk and soul that is well constructed and executed, boy have you come to the right place. Magnus knows when to rock out or mellow it down. This is a craftsman at work. Pop this puppy into your player and get out your air player and play until the cows come home.

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