Love Shock – About Those Beats From The Heart | Album Review

Love Shock – About Those Beats From The Heart

Koko Mojo Records

28 songs time-63:30

This collection of R&B-blues obscurities focuses on matters of the heart. Gathered here are little known songs, although a few familiar musical names pop-up. The quality is a little uneven at times, but there is much musical enjoyment to be found in this installment from Koko Mojo Records, the music archeologists.

The hearty and classic rhythm & blues voice of Carl Matthews gets the proceedings off to the jumping jump tune “Big Man”. Needless to say as is true on most of the songs, it includes wailing sax. “You’re The One” by Stick Evans keeps the energy level up. Great bopping dance song. Little Richard, an influence that pops up a lot, can be felt in Floyd Dixon’s delivery of “Ooh Little Girl”.

The goofy delivery and lyrics of Sax Kari’s “Chocolate Fizz” is way cool fun. A bit of slide guitar kicks off good jumping R&B of “I Just Can’t Help It” by Eddie Alston. The addition of vibes to Dorian Burton’s “Flyin’ Home To My Baby” is a nice touch to this slice of R&B goodness. “I Want To Rock You Baby” by Frankie Lucas & Rene Hall Orch. is guaranteed to get cool cats up on the dance floor. John Little John does justice to Willie Dixon’s “29 Ways”. He was actually an active blues musician on the Chicago scene for quite a few years. He displays his slide guitar skills here along with his able singing voice.

The Diaboligues turn in a good version of “I Need Your Lovin'”, originally performed by Don Gardner and Dee Dee Ford in 1962. The title track “Love Shock” by Little Sonny is an easy rolling blues song complete with harmonica. The smooth voice of Ray Johnson makes “Shake A Little Bit” a pleasure to listen to. Harold Burrage’s “You K.O.’D Me” is a fun song full of boxing references. “Top Notch Grade A” by Al Reed is an energetic R&B jumper featuring Al’s classic R&B vocals.

Curious to hear Junior Wells singing an R&B rocker sans harmonica on “Levey(sp?) Dovey Lovey One”. He does a fine job on this little rocker. Wilbert Harrison of “Kansas City” and “Let’s Work Together” fame contributes the rather lame “Say It Again” with the girl background singers too prominent in the song. Buddy Rogers’ “Mad With You” ends the album on a good note with a mid tempo groove. Adding harmonica was a nice touch.

Koko Mojo Records prevails once again, offering up an interesting and enjoyable collection of little known musical nuggets.

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