Lou Wilson – Runnin’ With The Blues | Album Review

louwilsoncdLou Wilson – Runnin’  With The Blues

Allo Records

10 songs time-43:19

This record should be titled “Runnin’ With Soul”, as the music here has very little to do with blues aside from some bluesy guitar solos. The song structures themselves are entirely soul music. Lou possesses a good voice that is well suited to this kind of music. All of the songs are from his own hand. The proceedings are funky and well performed, but there is nothing here that sticks with you. It’s all about groove, not melody.

“Not Enough Time” features a nice sax solo by Nick Stone, along with Lou’s soulful pipes. “Fallen Down And Can’t Get Up” grooves along nicely over Sam Doan’s tasty organ playing and Ray Gale’s harmonica. Next up is a soulful slow-burner in “Rock And A Hard Place”.

A lively groove imbues “Can I Depend On You”, a song that is bolstered by the background singers. Saxes are over-dubbed on “Ain’t Gonna Stop” to create a horn section along with some nice solo sax blowing. The end of the song features some brief rapping by RuDeBoi.

Keyboard strings are employed on “Shake My Head And Walk Away”. The funk keeps coming on “I Need Love”, a tune that is under-pinned by the prominent bass playing of Ray Burton. Lou reflects on the less fortunate in “Got To Let Them Know”.

This CD is well intentioned and well performed, but there isn’t much to distinguish it from many similar efforts in this genre. The production values and musicianship are there, but there isn’t anything in the songs that set them apart or show much imagination. The sax playing of Nick Stone is a bright spot here with his sexy solos and one-man horn section. Lou’s voice is warm and sincere. Folks that are partial to this type of music will find enjoyment in this record. I think more melody or the occasional cover song would produce a more desired sound. The commitment and musicianship are here but there is something missing.

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