Little Boys Blue – Hard Blues Space w/Kid Memphis | Album Review

Little Boys Blue – Hard Blues Space w/Kid Memphis

VizzTone Label Group

10 tracks

JD Taylor on harp and John Holiday (Kid Memphis) on guitar joined forces for 10 original tracks of fin southern blues laced with Americana. It’s a great album that I listened to over an over again traveling to blues festivals this summer!

Joining Taylor on harp and vocals and Holiday on guitar are Alex Taylor on guitar, Andrew White on guitar and slide, Brad Webb and Andrew White also on slide, Dave Mallard on bass, James Buster Cherry on bass for track 10, Mark Brooks on drums and Dave Thomas on B3 and piano.  These guys are tight and are a superb band.

Starting us off is “Six Foot Down,” a traditional blues with a harp solo to start us off.  The band comes in and they Taylor begins his growl. The song builds and builds; Taylor delivers a gritty harp solo.  The band gets into a nice groove with the guitar making things interesting along with the organ.  Next up is “Loving Kind” where we get the first great guitar solo along with well one vocals and harp.  A medium paced groove keeps things going in a very nice cut. Following that is “Blues Bug” where we get some pretty slow blues as Taylor testifies to us behind a simple back line.  The B3 comes in and then Taylor delivers a fine harp solo and then Kid Memphis adds a thoughtful one of his own on guitar; beautiful stuff. The title track is up next.  The boys start this funky track off and Taylor adds some effects on vocals as the song wails and moans for us oh-so-well.  Superb harp and guitar work also abounds here and the band in support fills in nicely. “Morning Train” is another grooving and sweet number.  A big and greasy harp solo is followed by a stinging guitar solo and again the band is awesome in support and the song closes with the guitar firmly leading the charge.

“Cold Inside” gets the second half started, a swinging piece with the B3 adding much to the mix.  A distinctive beat drives things along; here Kid Memphis gets the first solo and then Taylor follows on harp. The two of them also lead up to Taylor taking us out.  Jump blues with “Might As Well” comes along next.  The band rollicks and rolls with piano backing here along with a first solo. Kid then gets his in and Taylor gets one after the next verse and then Kid takes another; well done!  The boys get a little funky with “Got A Mind Of Our Own.”  The organ gets featured here and the harp and guitar give us a couple of shirt solos as the B3 plays behind them.  Taylor gets down and dirty on the vocal lead here; a fine, fine song. Taylor’s harp takes us home with support as the funk winds down to a pretty finish.  Distortion abounds as “If The Blues Start Calling” kicks off.  An impassioned slow blues with all sort of dirty and sweet stuff is offered up here. Kid gives us a big solo and then JD offers one up later that is equally greasy and cool and Kid punctuates that with another of his own. “Going Back to Memphis” concludes the set, a tune that JD starts us off with his harp and then gets into his final set of vocals.  A slow little boogie keeps us going.  Taylor solos mid-song for a good long piece and Kid echos him a bit to boot.  The guitar and harp take us out after the last chorus.

I have to say I listened to this a lot more than I needed to for my review.  I truly enjoyed this CD and played it many times as I traveled early this summer and at home.  It really is a CD where each song grabs the listener and say, “Look here and pay attention, Buddy!  This is some killer stuff!”  Well, it is and so far this summer this has to be my favorite of all the summer releases.  Go get this one- you won’t regret it except for the fact you won’t be able to get it out of your CD player.  Most highly recommended!

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