Linsey Alexander – Two Cats | Album Review

Linsey Alexander – Two Cats

Delmark Records

15 tracks

Here we have Linsey Alexander’s third album for Demark and his seventh overall.  Born in Mississippi and a long time Chicago blues scene fixture, Linsey transitioned from the heyday of clubs on the Chicago Southside to being a regular at today’s Northside blues venues.  At 74 years young, he’s still got it. A fine singer and guitar player, he honed his skills in Memphis before hocking his guitar to follow a young lovely girl to the Windy City where he’s made his home since.

Appearing on the CD are Anthony Palmer  on the guitar, one of Chicagos underappreciated legends, The Mad Hatter Roosevelt Purifoy on keys, E. G. McDaniel on the bass and Bryant Parker doing percussion.  Also appearing are Kenny Anderson on trumpet, Hank Ford on the tenor sax and Norman Palm on trombone.

“I’m Not Your Problem” is first up.  The horns are out in force and Alexander struts his stuff with great feeling.  He gives us a couple of nice guitar solo and sets the stage for a great album.  “Where Did You Take Your Clothes Off Last Night” features Paul Hanover blowing some dirty fine harp on this cut resurrected from Alexander’s pre-Delmark days.  Stinging guitar and fun lyrics are also featured her.  Next up is the funky “That Ain’t Right” where Linsey demonstrates his soulful side for us.  Funky guitar, horns and more! “Why I Sing The Blues”is classic Chicago blues and we get some more harp and keys to boot.  Breezy Rodio guests here on guitar, too, as does James Wilson on drums.

The title track is full of double entendre and some more great guitar work along with some big time horn work.  “Facebook Woman” gives us Linsey’s take on his women who is never home for him in a slow and solid blues with some organ taking us to church.  She chats on Facebook all day instead of paying attention to and cooking for Alexander. Apparently she also uses Facebook to plan some rendezvous as Alexander explains to us.  The funk returns with the cut “User.” More great guitar and horns are featured here once again.  “I’m In Love With A Woman” is another tale of infidelity, but of another sort.  Alexander’s got another woman and so does his woman, a twist on what many have sung about before. “’Til I Kissed You” is a slow, soul cut with a  great funky groove. “How Could You Do Me Like You Done Me”  has more harp from Hanover, some slick guitar and Linsey once again singing about a relationship gone bad.

“Reefer And Blow” is a bouncy and upbeat tempo cut.  Alexander tells us about a mean woman who puffs and snorts but if the cops come he tells her not to turn him in.  There is some big time guitar here.  “Thinking About Me” is more of the same, new blues with a little funkiness.  “Starting Monday” is a song about complacency and putting things off.  Why do something today when you can procrastinate about it for accomplishment on Monday?  Big guitars once again and more fine organ work. The President and life under him is the topic for “Comb Over Blues,” another sarcastic set of lyrics by Alexander.  Rodio and Wilson make a second guest spot here, too.  The set closes with a tune in a different tact called “Kiss Revisited”.  Funky, jazzy and some rapping rhyme by J. Parker make this sound modern and new.  A nice bass line and drumming throughout take us out in a cool manner.

Alexander stays current with his topics, showing us the blues in modern day situations and life.  A great performer, 15 original tunes and a great band- what is not to like here? This is another fine Delmark release well worth adding to your collection!

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