Lazer Lloyd – Freedom’s Child | Album Review

Lazer Lloyd – Freedom’s Child

Lots Of Love Records

12 songs time-54:47

Lazer Lloyd is an American-Israeli born in the USA. Born in New York City he grew up in Madison, Connecticut. After picking up guitar from his father he was in various bands before pursuing a solo career. His style of music encompasses folk, blues, rock, roots and the singer-songwriter vein. He variously accompanies himself on electric and/or acoustic guitar. Sometimes alone or with drum and bass backing. Anything he touches is heart felt and authentic. The whole of this project is infused with spirituality and hopefulness.

Everything here from the vocals, songwriting and instrumentation is first rate, but for my money the moody and lovely instrumental “Esqueca Do Mundo(Forget The World)” is worth the price of admission. Acoustic and electric guitars float through the air along with impressive drumming and bass playing as they decrease and increase in intensity. Clocking in at just under eight and a half minutes you just don’t want this thing of beauty to end.

Distorted electric rhythm guitar out of The Rolling Stones play book along with Lazer’s hearty voice makes “Blessed Man” a powerful statement. His brief stinging guitar solos don’t hurt either. “Been Tryin'” is melancholy modern blues. Raging spirituality surges through “Talk”, an urging to talk to the Lord set against acoustic guitar augmented by electric slide. Lazer’s deep baritone suits the title song to a “T” as haunting electric slide compliments his finger-picked guitar.

“God, Money And Women” brings old timey country blues to the present. Once again he features his finger-picking skills. With strummed acoustic and rack harmonica “Letters” finds Lazer in a pensive folk setting. His sole cover “All along The Watchtower” is an amalgamation of Bob Dylan’s and Jimi Hendrix’s version with a Lazer Lloyd twist. The soaring electric guitar magic builds to a beautiful scream over the acoustic guitar.

Lazer professes his love for “America(Acoustic)” despite its’ flaws. “Good Woman” kinda skips along with acoustic supported by upbeat drums and bass. Mournful acoustic slide guitar accentuates his ode to “My Girls”. He sums up this sincere project of peace and love with “We Are All God’s Children”. Lovely strains of melodic electric guitar seem to soar to a higher place.

Elements of traditional music are blended with current sentiments and musicality to create a spiritually tinged masterpiece. The spare instrumentation supports the tired old cliché that often less is more.

With Lazer’s knack for making intriguing guitar melodies and the more than able efforts of Moshe Davidson on bass, Elimelech Grundman on drums and Shmuel Lazer on backing vocals a totally enriching and enjoyable experience is created. I’m not just tossing empty praise around here, this CD is truly something special.

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