Kurt Allen – Live from the Red Shed | Album Review

Kurt Allen – Live From The Red Shed

Titanium Blue LLC


9 Tracks – 52 minutes

The Kurt Allen Band are true road warriors, playing up to 200 shows every year for over a decade, slowed down only by the days of COVID. Their previously well-received album, Whiskey, Women & Trouble, had the unfortunate timing of being released immediately before everything shut down for the pandemic, which obviously stopped their touring for the album.

Kurt has been recording his shows at various locations over the years simply to review the performances to determine where the band might improve potential areas of their shows. He had not set out to release a live album, but his set recorded at The Red Shed in Hutchinson, Kansas on May 8, 2021, proved to be one of the bands’ top performances and which he determined provided a clear demonstration of his bands’ capabilities and skills.

The three-piece band consists of Kurt on guitar and vocals, Gregory Schaberg on drums, and Bill Morlan on bass. The album consists of eight originals mixing songs from their earlier catalog along with one new addition and one cover.

The album opens with the driving sound of “Graveyard Blues”. Kurt’s guitar blazes out in true classic blues-rock fashion while noting “my back is against the wall, and I am fading fast.” “Bad Love” is the new addition to the band’s repertoire. Kurt growls that “I’m so happy now that you are gone. You put me down for so long.”

“How Long” is a slow, smooth pure blues burn. He asks “How long have you felt this way? Take my love and throw it away”. His guitar whines expressing the feel of the song. Next, he moves into the swamps for a funky tale of the “Voodoo Queen” as Bill’s bass drives the opening before Kurt’s guitar rings out and he exclaims that “she put a spell on me”.

On another all-out rocker, Kurt declares you better “Watch Yo Step” cause “I’ll be watching you”. He further states “that you say you are at your mother’s, but your mother says she has not seen you.” “When I Fall” offers a slow boogie.

The title song “Whiskey, Women & Trouble” from his 2020 album emphasizes the three things on his mind. He likes his “whiskey neat” then she sits down next to him and “whispers things sweet”. “Trouble is on my mind”.

The sole cover is a searing version of Son House’s “Death Letter”, in which he received a letter citing “Hurry, Hurry! The woman you love is dead.” He concludes “Farewell, farewell honey. I’ll meet you on Judgment Day.” Kurt concludes the album with the advice of “Better Think Twice” “…about the things you say, about the things you do”. ” I am watching you.”

If you like roaring guitar with classic three-piece blues rock, this is an album that should definitely interest you.

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