Konstantin Kolesnichenko – Good Things | Album Review

Konstantin Kolesnichenko – Good Things

Self Released


10 tracks/37 minutes

Ukranian harp player Konstantin Kolesnichenko pays tribute to George Harmonica Smith with this album recorded across three continents in four different nations. Lots of great guest chromatic harp stars are part of the music as Kolesnichenko plays his diatonic harp.  While his country is under siege, Kolesnichenko continues his musical journey with his sixth album in his 15 year career.

Joining Kolesnichenko on guitar is Paul Seedereke. On piano and keys is Mikhail Lyshenko and Serhii Artemov is on bass. Drummer Dmitry Lytvynenko rounds out the band. Daniel De Vita adds guitar on all but tracks 3, 8 and 9.

Dennis “Vlad the Inhaler” Gruenling joins the fray on the first track, laying our some delightful licks as he and Kolesnichenko trade off on “Hawaiian Eye.” A nice guitar solo and later an organ solo are also featured here on this instrumental number. Konstantin Tikhonev fronts the group vocally for “Rocking” as a nother cool guitar solos is featured for this classic track. Kolesnichenko gives us some pretty soloing as does DeVito here. “Next is “Jumpin’ With George,” a swinging instrumental that Kolesnichenko opens and another George (as in Big Harp George) give t his all on chromatic. Alabama Mike fronts the band for “Situation Blues,” a slick rendition with nice vocals. dirty harp and some stinging guitar.

“Tight Dress” is another cool cut with Matyas Pribojazki on vocals and chromatic. It’s another swell jump blues with strident harp and a sweet groove. “Good Things” follows as Alabama Mike returns to sing for us. Soulful guitar introduces he cut and then Mike sings and Kolesnichenko blows some great harp. Another classic “Blues Stay Away” is next with some really gritty and slow instrumental work to set the tone. Tikhonev returns to front the band here. Lots of good harp and piano and guitar back the cut nicely throughout.

The Irish tune “Peg o’My Heart” gets a greasy and slow blues cover as Kolesnichenko leads the charge on this solemn number, bending and blowing sweetly. The restrained guitar also adds well to the mix. Matyas Pribojazki comes back for some more chromatic work on “Blue Switch,” a harp lovers dream as the players trade off. We get the first piano solo of the album, too, and it’s quite well done! Gruenling returns for the last cut, “Last Chance.” Somber, slow blues here and it’s sublimely done as the guitar blends in skillfully. It’s a really pretty track and a super conclusion to a fine, fine album.

What is not to like here? Tons of tasty harp work and musical support. This is my first exposure to Kolesnichenko and I really enjoyed the CD. It’s an outstanding album and something blues lovers all over the world will enjoy!

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