Jimmy Nick & Don’t Tell Mama – Rare Breed | Album Review

jimmynickcdJimmy Nick & Don’t Tell Mama – Rare Breed


Self Release

11 Songs Time  -48:36

Chicagoan blues-rocker Jimmy Nick colors his music with his self-proclaimed and diverse influences such as AC-DC, Chuck Berry, Howlin’ Wolf, Ted Nugent and Earl Hooker among others. Add to this a hefty helping of rock and roll attitude. He also has plenty of guitar skills in his bag of tricks to go along with his enthusiastic vocal approach. The band is basically a power trio supplemented with sax, keyboards and harmonica as needed. There is a lot to grab your interest on this wild ride.

Jimmy jumps right in at the deep end with the manic guitar and harmonica driven “Can’t Have It Both Ways” taken at break-neck speed. Boisterous guitar infused rockabilly bolstered by Ronnie Hicks’ piano playing is displayed on “Gonna Get Me A Cadillac” as Jimmy’s guitar goes from Chuck Berry to the blues. Thick AC-DC style guitar rhythm chords super charge the title track which is perfectly suited to Jimmy’s gruff and energetic vocal approach.

“Jimmy’s Little Diddley” is a tribute to Bo that gets the trademark Bo Diddley beat down to a tee. One of two blues songs here is the slow and deliberate “Evil I Need” that includes some simmering sax courtesy of Ben Thompson. At the half way point the guitar kicks things into overdrive and then levels off. Sexual dysfunction is covered in the self explanatory “Couldn’t Rise For The Occasion”, taken at a brisk pace with guitar and saxes blazing.

“The Scar Never Goes Away” is another slow blues this time featuring a strong bass line by Lowell Todd. A beefy riff powers the power trio blues-rock of “Dug Your Own Grave”. “I Got Mama Drunk In Memphis” is an old fashioned rockabilly kicker that is a lot of fun. Maybe inspired by Howlin’ Wolf, “The Wolf In Me” isn’t a tribute to the man. Jimmy’s dexterity on the guitar strings are on full display here. The only non-original is Eddie Shaw’s “Greedy Man”, on which the writer contributes a very brief vocal and a sax solo. It’s a nice and funky end to a trip to Jimmy Nick land.

Jimmy Nick & Don’t Tell Mama have served up a fresh stew of their musical vision. Things are well mapped out while sounding completely spontaneous. This small unit packs a punch, lead by Jimmy’s vocals, guitar and occasional harmonica. These guys must really tear it up at a live show.

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